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 A very successful launch night on 29th January in the Tulla Courthouse where Fr. Harry Bohan launched our publication and spoke of the great work that the Ireland Reaching Out project has undertaken.  

Tulla Publication Cover

The event was well-attended and Fr. Harry Bohan, PP from Sixmilebridge was the main speaker. Fr. Harry spoke about the need to reconnect our rural communities with their Diaspora and the great work that Ireland Reaching Out has done in this regard. He also spoke about the articles written by two of the local Diaspora, Christine Loundes and Peter MacMahon on their own ancestors who came from Tulla.  


Pictured above some of the local contributors and Fr. Harry during his speech

In addition, articles were featured which told of the special and unique features in the area such as the Mass Rock, a significant part of the parish. One article also commemorates the opening of the Convent of Mercy in Tulla where so many girls were educated from the parish. The folklore surrounding the local forges, Irish sayings and riddles, the 'Soup School' which operated during the Famine, Liam Mellows stay in Tulla during the Rising, the men from Tulla who fought and died in World War I, and the archaeology surrounding the Church Ruin are also given a comprehensive overview. 

Copies are available for €10.00 and can be ordered through

Some of the crowd at the recent Tulla publication launch


We hope you have found the information we have shared helpful. While you are here, we have a small favour to ask. Ireland Reaching Out is a non-profit organisation that relies on public funding and donations to ensure a completely free family history advisory service to anyone of Irish heritage who needs help connecting with their Irish place of origin. If you would like to support our mission, please click on the donate button and make a contribution. Any amount, big or small, is appreciated and makes a difference. 

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