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My grandmother, Margaret Malone, was born in Ballinadrideen, Ballyhay Parish, Co Cork in 1876. Her parents were Jeremiah Malone and Margaret Riordan. Jeremiah died in Ballinadrideen in 1906 aged 80, so must have been born around 1826, but I have no details of his parentage or birthplace. Margaret was younger, and was born in Ballylanders Parish in Co Limerick in 1843, and she died in 1904 in Ballinadrideen.

Jeremiah and Margaret had eight children, born from 1868 until 1882- Bridget, John, Maurice, Mary, Margaret, Patrick, Nano and Jeremiah. They were all baptised in Ballyhea Parish. Three of these children left for New Zealand- Bridget, Margaret and Patrick. Jeremiah ended up living in Rathkeale in Co Limerick, and raising his family there. Through this website I was able to re-establish contact with one of his grandchildren, who helped identify that a superb photo I had of "Jeremiah Malone", was in fact a photo of our mutual great-grandfather.

I was wondering if anyone has any information about the Malones in Ballinadrideen, and what Ballinadrideen might have been like in the past. I see that the townland is right beside a modern highway, so I guess it might be more like a suburb of Charleville now? I was hoping to visit to see for myself last summer, but of course that could not happen as things turned out.

The attachment shows a death notice for Margaret Malone in 1904, placed in the NZ Tablet by her three children in New Zealand.

Many thanks for any help.

Margaret Riordan

New Zealand




Saturday 26th Dec 2020, 04:36AM

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  • Margaret:

    I located a February 24 1868 church marriage record in Ballylanders RC church for Jeremiah and Margaret with witnesses John Mullane and James Riordan. Although civil registration of RC marriages had started in 1864, it appears that this marriage was not civilly registered. This is unfortunate for a civil marriage would show the names of the fathers of the bride and groom. The free Irish government site has images of civil records.

    I looked for a baptismal record for the father, Jeremiah in all of the North Cork parishes but found no record. Ballyhea RC baptismal records go back to 1807 so he must not have been from the parish originally.

    Here is a link  to the 1837 Lewis Topographical Dictionary for Ballyhea parish which gives a general overview of the parish.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Saturday 26th Dec 2020, 02:54PM
  • Thank you so much Roger for finding that church marriage record. For some reason I was checking in Ballyhea for it, and hadn't found it. I suspect James Riordan would be Margarte's older brother but the Mullane name is a new one- it might be a spelling variant of Malone perhaps. And thank you so much for the Lewis link.

    I find it interesting that the Ballinadrideen is so far from Ballylanders, but I noticed a Malone nearer to where the Riordans lived in a Griffiths listing, so will have to follow up to see if it looks like there might be any connection.

    Margaret Riordan


    Sunday 27th Dec 2020, 07:01AM
  • You have inspired me on Roger! This may not be the actual family link, but it is a definite possibility. There is a John Malone in Ballyfeerode townland, in Darragh- which adjoins Cullane South townland where the Riordans were. John Malone is in section 4 on the map fro Ballyfeerode, while John Riordan (the father of Margaret) is in section 20 of the Cullane South map.

    Next step- recheck Griffiths for the Malone listing I know I saw in Ballinadrideen once upon a time... I may not be able to prove any links, but it is interesting nevertheless.



    Sunday 27th Dec 2020, 09:01PM
  • Attached Files

    And here is a John Malone in Ballynadrideen. Ballyhea/Ballyhay seems to be one of those parishes that doesn't fit neatly into a civil parish. Here the parish is listed as Aglishdrinagh. I am pleased to find this information though I think it is unlikely I'll be able to prove any more about how my family actually links in.



    Sunday 27th Dec 2020, 09:19PM

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