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I would greatly appreciate someone letting me know the current name for the Townland of Loughloun in Clonmeen civil parish.  I am researching my McAuliffe/ Fitzgerald ancestors from around Newmarket/Kanturk and one of my DNA matches appears to descend from a McAuliffe-Philpott union of about 1775 to 1800.  A John Philpott (1823-1892), spouse of Honora Sullivan (1832-1892) of Dromtarriffe, was the son of John Philpott who appears in the Tithe Applotment Books in the townland of Loughloun in Clonmeen Civil Parish. The previous entry in the TAB is for Coolroe More.  A Luke Philpott (1812-1897), spouse of Mary Long (1825-1900) had several children whose records of baptism also list Loughloun as their place of birth. Luke Philpott’s death registration lists Laghloun rather than Loughloun.  


Thursday 31st Aug 2023, 02:17AM

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  • Yes, looks like it is now Cooleroe More, the spelling in Griffiths Valuation map, which was the Tithe original map, is Lackloun.  
    This map......see where the red square is, it says Clonmeen  at the top op the square on the right. Where ou see the "N" on Clonmeen zoom in slow, you will see trees in grey, follow the thick red line down and you can see faint....Carrigeen keep going down slow and you come to Lackloun Bridge, look to the right you will see a red oblong with 22, but to the left there is land without a number, that would have been part of the land in the Tithe records. All the markings in black are from the tithe and red are from Griffiths Valuation. A lot of the land was sold, divided after people left for new countries. if you search GV for Philpott.... Cork.... Clonmeen you will see a William and a Luke Philpott listed.
    Modern and Contemporary Maps (

    On the right hand side of the map, there is a slider, put the curser on there and look at the Lackloun Bridge, slide to modern map and you will see what it's like now.
    You find so many spellings, but they all sound the same.  
    Cheers, Margot


    Thursday 31st Aug 2023, 09:13AM
  • Margot,

    Thank you very much for your informative and helpful reply which makes sense.  Before posting my question I had looked at the Townlands website and the Placenames Database of Ireland ( and didn’t find it.  Maybe I didn’t test the correct spelling variation of Lackloun.  I’ll try again.  So, it looks like Lackloun became a part of Coolroe More, which I could probably also prove by looking at the total area of the townlands in the TAB and the GV.  [ Thinking out loud here ;-). ]  Your map test is an excellent proof too but my Internet speed is too slow most of the time to allow me to open the GV maps. Oh well!

    My McAuliffe - Fitzgerald and O’Brien - Cronin ancestors emigrated from the Newmarket- Kanturk area to Ontario Canada in 1840 and 1823, respectively.  I’m getting close to confirming their Townlands of origin.

    Have a great day,



    Thursday 31st Aug 2023, 02:40PM

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