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I believe I have correctly traced my Hennessy ancestors back to the Cloyne / Killeagh area.  I believe, Thomas-1811, Mary-1813, Ellen-1815, Margaret-1817, James-1826?, Patrick-1811 and Denis-1824? were born in Cloyne or the immediate vicinity.  Their parents are either Michael Hennessy & Mary Cotter  -or-  William Hennessy & Ellen Flynn (based on Thomas' Cloyne birth record - there are 2 possible correct Thomas Hennessy results on the same page).  Thomas married Catherine Malony in Killeagh (we have marriage record) and some of their children were born in Killeagh and some in the US (we have birth records).  Not sure what happened to Mary, Ellen, Margaret.  Thomas, James, Patrick, Denis (my GG grandfather) all made it to the US.

We "think" the family was probably general labor rather than tennat farmers since we cannot find any land records associated with them.

If this rings a bell with anyone, or you can offer any other advice, or know of any local historians who can assist further, it would be MUCH appreciated.  Thank You !

Kevin Hennessy


Wednesday 23rd Nov 2022, 03:15PM

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  • Kevin:

    I contacted a local volunteer in Killeagh.

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Wednesday 23rd Nov 2022, 03:55PM
  • Hi,

    Just checking that I've read this right. You have traced your family back to Thomas, who married Catherine Moloney.  

    You are unsure of the names of Thomas's parents, believing them to be one of two couples.

    If I've got it right, have you looked at all of Thomas's records? His death record, obituary, will, all censuses?  Something there might give a clue to his parents' names.

    Who were his children? If his first son was named Michael, then Michael was likely his father's name.  If the first son was William, then William was likely his father's name. Did he have a first or second daughter named  Ellen or Mary? This would give a clue as to his mother's name.


    I hope this is helpful.


    Wednesday 23rd Nov 2022, 04:20PM
  • Thanks Patricia,

    You have it correct.  There are 2 Thomas Hennessy's in the birth record for that year, 5 entries apart.  Although, one never knows if the year is 100% correct.  I have checked for more records on Thomas, but have found no additional clues as of yet.  Since I am not 100% sure I have all the children, the naming convention is not in play yet.  But, Thomas b.1811 did have sisters Ellen AND Mary.  Ellen 1813, and Mary 1815, then Margaret 1817.  Michael Hennessy & Mary Cotter were married in 1811, so presumably Ellen would be the first daughter and she would be named after Mary Cotter's mother, correct?  Then the second daughter Mary, would be named after her mother, Mary Cotter??

    What makes this a bit more of a challenge is that the other possible parents are William and ELLEN .  Too many Mary's and Ellen's in play!!

    Thanks for your input!!      -Kevin


    Thursday 24th Nov 2022, 03:15PM
  • Hello,

    Thanks for the suggestion!  Do you have any additional contact information for Roger McDonnell??  I'm in the US.



    Thursday 24th Nov 2022, 03:18PM
  • Kevin: Can I assist? Roger

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Friday 25th Nov 2022, 10:41PM
  • Roger, Yes, please DM me at -Thank You


    Saturday 26th Nov 2022, 03:59PM
  • Have you proof that the Thomas who married Catherine Molony in Killeagh on 20 Feb. 1841 the same Thomas born in Cloyne? Witnesses at the wedding were John Doyle & John Molony The sponsors for the 3 children baptised in Killeagh are For Mary 1842 Richard Hennessy & Bridget Fitzgerald For Patrick 1846 David Keniry & Mary Molony For Honora 1849 Peter Molony & Mary Fitzgerald If Thomas had so many siblings why do they not appear as witnesses or sponsors?

    Anne O'Neill, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Thursday 8th Dec 2022, 10:54PM
  • Hello Anne, Thank you for taking a look! This is a very good question. I am basing this on the proximity of Cloyne & Killeagh, and the fact that the Molony surname runs though both the marriage and the births. Thomas and Catherine emigrated to the US, and we "think" Thomas' father was Michael Hennessy. If correct, I do not find Michael as a tenant farmer so I am supposing that Michael was a common laborer and was on the poorer side - thus moved around looking for work and may not have kept up on his baptism registrations, etc. Being poor and landless, the sons were quick to leave Ireland for the US. As a side note, I've had 4 experienced genealogists review my work and found it to be between plausible and most likely correct. That said, I'm 100% open to any suggestions or help that you can provide to prove/disprove what I have. I can prove a line between me in the US and Thomas in Ireland. Any thoughts?? Again, thank you!


    Friday 9th Dec 2022, 01:35PM
  • Hello Kevin What part of the USA are you in? I am just wondering if you have checked all the records there? The census. Naturalization papers, Gravestones and paper cuttings often give a lot of information, also shipping records. Check all family members that you know off for different information. You could also find other Irish people on the same street as they were inclined to stay together. Have you exact dates for the family you listed? Were Thomas and Patrick twins if both born in 1811. I am wondering where you got those names and dates from as i had a quick look at the original Cloyne Parish Register on the NLI (National Archives of Ireland) website and could see no Hennessy for 1811. Some of the Baptism Books appear to be missing from the sight. They have 1791 -1792, 1803 -1812 and then 1821 -1831. Some of the paid for sites may have more information which may be where you got yours. With 7 years between Margaret & Denis you wonder if it could be a second marriage although if a mother died the father usually remarried pretty soon again as he would need someone to look after the family while he went to work. The children were usually Baptised the day they were born or the next one depending on the time of day and priest available. When registration came in in 1864 you will find a baptism and the registration may not have been completed. Have you your tree on Ancestry or is it just your own? You say you have the direct connection to Thomas & Mary Molony and do you know of other family members who may have information on their people. Just some thoughts that are coming to my mind as i wonder where we can help you. The Baptismal register for Killeagh only begin in 1829 so too late for your earlier people. Keep in touch. Anne. I

    Anne O'Neill, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Saturday 10th Dec 2022, 10:50PM
  • Anne, thank you for the feedback and suggestions. If you would, please reach out to me via my email: and I can fill in some of the blanks and give you some additional details. Thank you!! - Kevin


    Sunday 11th Dec 2022, 04:56PM

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