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I read with interest your article on marriage records and what can be learned.

My 3rd great grandparents, William Herlihy and Margaret Walsh, were married on Feb 23, 1841 in Killavullen, Ireland along with 12 other couples!

Since I do not have a birth record for either I found the idea of estimating of their ages at the time of marriage intriguing. In later US census records they consistently reported a 5-6 year age difference. So estimating her age being 16 and his 22 seems to make sense.

The reference to the marriage location being the groom’s home town makes sense too as I know that William Herlihy’s family was from Killavullen.  The origin of Margaret’s family, and as a result her mother’s maiden name, remains a mystery I have been trying to solve for many years.

Any ideas are appreciated!


Sunday 12th Feb 2023, 11:03PM

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  • Hello Pamela,

    Have you found Margaret's death record? If so, does it list her parents' names?

    I took a look at the 1880 and 1870  federal censuses, and there are Walshes and Welches listed on the same page as the Herlihys, sometimes in the same building.  They are likely Margaret's relatives.  You may be able to find additional information about Margaret through researching them.

    Just an idea.

    I hope this is helpful.


    Monday 13th Feb 2023, 12:14AM
  • Pamela:

    The subscription site Roots Ireland has two Margaret Walsh baptismal records in Killavullen RC parish.

    Margaret Walsh baptized May 8 1816 father John Walsh mother Mary Nagle

    Margaret Walsh baptized September 10 1823 father Thomas Walsh mother Ellen Egan They lived in Ballincurrig townland in Monaminy civil parish

    Likely the second record is a better lead.

    I did not find any William Herlihy baptismal records in Killavullen RC parish.

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Monday 13th Feb 2023, 03:24PM
  • Thank you for your responses!

    I have gotten the death records for both ancestors. William Herlihy's states his parents were William Herlihy and Mary Drislane. Margaret Walsh Herlihy's parents were John Welsh  and Margaret. The Herlihy family immigrated to the US in 1850. Patrick Herlihy is listed as her witness to their marriage and so I am guessing she had a brother Patrick and also a sister Elizabeth who acted as a godparent. Based on the various records I estimate Margaret's birth year as roughly 1820-25. Keefe, Griffin, Norris, McCarthy, Hogan, Sullivan, Duane, Higgins, and Magner are names of godparents. There was also an association with the Condon and O'Donnell families in Kildorrery. I will also attach the list of fellow travelers to the US.

    The family I have been looking at is John Walsh and Margaret Brien in Killavullen.  This seemed like a likely match because William Herlihy stayed with the O'Brien family when he first arrived in the US. Unfortunately, the Margaret baptised in 1810 would be too old and there is no Patrick or Elizabeth recorded. 

    Another family is the John Walsh and Margaret Neile family but they are from Aghada which I figured was too far from Killavullen and thererfore unlikely.

    I am ready to give up the figure the records don't exist.







    Tuesday 14th Feb 2023, 02:03AM
  • Pamela,

    Even though I asked if you had the parents' names from death records, I know that sometimes those names are incorrect. Obviously they were not provided by the deceased. The names were given by a third party who may have not had the correct information, been confused, been grieving, etc. I've often seen incorrect names of parents on death records; I've even seen the name of a stepparent given as a parent.  So perhaps keep this in mind.


    Tuesday 14th Feb 2023, 01:45PM
  • Thanks, Patricia, I was thinking the same thing! The Mary Nagle seems more likely as I was told by a great uncle that the family was related to Nagles. However some of the information he provided was wrong.

    These are the children of

    William Herlihy (parents William and Mary Drislane)

    and Margaret Walsh (parents: John and?)

    They used the typical naming patterns however it is confusing when the grandparents had the same names and I don't know where Bridget came from. When you have a minute could you let me know the children of the John and Mary Nagle family. Thank you! Pamela

    John Joseph Herlihy 1842

    William Herlihy 1844

    Bridget Herlihy 1848

    David Herlihy 1851
    Mary E. Herlihy 1852
    Cornelius Herlihy 1855Image removed.
    Johanna a.k.a. Hannah Herlihy 1857
    Ellen M. Herlihy 1858

    Margaret Herlihy 1860


    Wednesday 15th Feb 2023, 04:53PM
  • Children of John Walsh and Mary Nagle, two born Killavullen parish, two born Doneraile parish; these places are close to each other. Source: Roots Ireland.

       Baptism Walsh Mary 1809 Co. Cork  
       Baptism Walsh Margaret 1816 Co. Cork  
       Baptism Walsh Mary 1822 Co. Cork  
      Baptism Walsh Ellen 1825 Co. Cork


    Thursday 16th Feb 2023, 05:41PM
  • Thanks Patricia,

    Surprised there are no brothers as she seems to have a had a brother Patrick, Maybe I should keep searching. 

    This is frustrating. 

    Thanks again for your help!



    Monday 20th Feb 2023, 04:18PM

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