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Hi, I am doing research on my great-grandparents who emigrated from Ireland between 1845 and 1872.  My maternal great grandparents are James Gleeson/Gleason and Margret Brennan. James's date of birth is 24 December 1851 and Margret's is 12 June 1851. James's parents are Martin Gleeson/Gleason and Margret Brennan; Margret's parents are John Brennan and Margret Moore. I have searched at the National Library as well as the parish registers for marriages but no success except for a ship record from 1872 out from Cobh to New York City. James's age is 20 and Maggie's age is 21, the only "sure" fact I think that I have of their existence in Ireland. I've tried looking at Griffiths Valuation but no success. My ancestry DNA indicates that my ancestral connections are in Munster particularly, North Kerry, North Cork, East Dingle, Dingle Peninsula and Northwest Kerry.  In addition, ancestry DNA also included Connacht West Roscommon, East Mayo and North Galway. These areas may be related to my father's ancestors who may have emigrated between 1845 and 1860. Their names were Patrick O'Donnell and Anna Foster. I know none of their parents' names. Returning to the Gleeson/Gleason side, and using information from Ireland XO, I speculate that my great-great-great grandfather, that is, James's grandfather's name may have been Thomas, since Thomas is the name of his first son born in the US, in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1878. Mary was the name of the first daughter born in 1880 and John the name of the second son born in 1882 [my grandfather]. In the states the spelling is Gleason but the ship record is Gleeson. Any assistance, guidance would be greatly appreciated, thanks, Jim O'Donnell


Sunday 18th Sep 2022, 04:38PM

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  • Jim:

    Can you clarify the name of the mother of James Gleeson?

    Roger McDonnell


    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Sunday 18th Sep 2022, 08:48PM
  • Hi Roger, according to the death certificate of my great grandfather, James, his mother is identified as Margret Brennan. Yes, same name as his wife, Margret Brennan. Hope this helps, thanks, Jim 


    Monday 19th Sep 2022, 12:53AM
  • Jim:

    I searched on the subscription sites Roots Ireland and there are no baptismal records for a James Gleeson/Gleason with father Martin and mother Margaret Brennan. There is a December 21 1851 baptismal record for a James Gleeson with father Martin Brennan and mother Sarah Cain. The parish is Newport in Co. Tipperary. Townland Lackan

    I did not find a baptismal record for Margaret Brennan with the parents names you provided.


    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Monday 19th Sep 2022, 03:15PM
  • Jim

    I was able to find the Townland in County Sligo of my 2ND Great Grandfather from the Will of one of his siblings in Ontario, Canada.

    I was fortunate to know the date of the brother's death from a death record ...... then looked for the Will.

    I have been pleasantly surprised by the records I have found in Ireland ......... but it all rests on knowing the County, and Townland.

    I was able to find his date of birth from a death record in RootsIreland. 

    Diane Gilhula



    Diane Gilhula

    Tuesday 20th Sep 2022, 01:57AM
  • Additional

    I was able to find the date of birth (1769) from the date of death (1852) of my 4TH Great Grandfather Phelim Carolan in RootsIreland. Also other family members.

    I was only able to do this because I knew the family was from Easky in County Sligo ..... information found in a 1879 Will in Canada.

    Land records in the country your Ancestors settled in are also useful.

    I found the date my Gilhuly Ancestors from Leitrim/Roscommon settled in Canada - 1828 - from land records in Canada.

    D. Gilhula


    Diane Gilhula

    Tuesday 20th Sep 2022, 02:17AM
  • Hi Diane. I appreciate your efforts and information. Sadly I don't know the townlans or even the county. Ancestry DNA has provided some areas to explore. Again thanks Jim 


    Thursday 22nd Sep 2022, 03:53PM
  • Jim

    I hope you are fortunate to find the Townland and County as I was.

    It might as I said be hiding (as mine was) in a Will of a sibling of my Direct Ancestor in my own Country - Canada.  

    I have never found Easky in County Sligo anywhere else, in any other document.

    So it pays to be thorough.  It pays to think out of the box as not all the answers are in Ireland.

    D.  Gilhula



    Diane Gilhula

    Friday 23rd Sep 2022, 04:13AM
  • Thanks Diane 😊 


    Saturday 24th Sep 2022, 06:14PM

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