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Cork Genealogical Society is holding a day-long conference to guide you in your search for information on your Irish roots. Trace your Irish ancestry using methods that will be explored at this absorbing conference.

DATE: Saturday 24th March 2018 

LOCATION: Clayton Silverspring's Hotel Cork.

How did we get here? This is just one of the many questions to be discussed at Bridging the Past & Future. Hear from experts in the field who will fill you in on technological advances in DNA that may help you find your family. 
There are so many resources available to you that you may not be aware of.

John Grenham, MAGI, "Where are we? And how did we get here? An overview of online research resources"

Nicola Morris, MAGI, will talk to you about outrage reports, police files, intelligence reports, prisoner escapees, nominations for roles in the civil services... there are lists of suspected members of proscribed organisations, files relating to murder etc that are just waiting for you to go through to get you that valuable step closer in learning more about your ancestry. 

Margaret Jordan, MAGI.Genetic Genealogist "Tracing Your Irish Roots and Finding Family using DNA"

Jill Williams. The Schools Collection from the Irish Folklore Commission, a wonderful collection from the 1930s. It runs to over a quarter of a million pages and is a chronically underused resource.

Tony Mc Carthy MC.

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