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There is an unknown person in my great grandfather's grave (John SHEEHAN in Massachusetts)  and I am hoping her details would provide a clue as to his origins.  The woman's death certificate from 1907 says her name was Mary SHEEHAN, widow of Daniel and daughter of Patrick SHEEHY and Abigail MURRAY.

Online records have identified her marriage in Skibbereen as well as her birth and that of 4 other SHEEHY siblings.

The SHEEHY family is listed as of Lackahane:

1817 Mary

1820 Bridget

1821 Catherine (index has Johanna)

1824 Mary

1827 Ann.

Mary SHEEHY married Daniel SHEEHAN in 1848 and I found only 3 possible baptisms for their children: 1852 Bridget, 1859 Elizabeth, 1862 Jane.

I do know from US records that there was at least another son, John b,c, 1865 .I have not yet found immigration records; there was also possibly a son Jeremiah.

I am trying to flesh out this family more to see if I can eventually prove or disprove a relationship.

My ancestor was John SHEEHAN, son of Patrick and Mary HALEY, b.c.  1852.  

Any further info re records in Skibbereen that might shed light on the mystery woman in the grave would be appreciated. 

Beverly Sierpna

Thursday 17th Nov 2022, 01:53AM

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  • Hi Beverly,

    Patrick Sheehy & Abigale Murray had the following Children Baptised. Their Marriage date is not recorded in Church Records

    Mary Sheehy Baptised          12 Sep 1817

    Bridgit Sheehy Baptised        18 Jun 1820  

    Catherine Sheehy  Baptised  15 Oct 1821

    Anne Sheehy Baptised           24 Jun1827

    Elizabeth Sheehy Baptised    02 May 1830

    John Sheehy Baptised           11 Mar 1838 


    Daniel Sheehan & Mary Sheehy Married in Skibbereen Pro Cathedral 28 Oct 1848. Witnesses Murray & Skinner

    I have found the following Baptisms for Daniel Sheehan & Mary Sheehy in the Skibbereen, Rath & The Islands Baptismal Register/Index 1814 - 1920.

    Catherine of Daniel Sheehan & Mary Sheehy Baptised  14 Sept  1849

    Bridget     of Daniel Sheehan & Mary Sheehy Baptised  18 Jan    1852

    Mary        of Daniel Sheehan & Mary Sheehy .Baptised   04 Dec  1853

    Elizabeth of Daniel Sheehan & Mary Sheehy .Baptised   08 Jun   1859

    Jane        of Daniel Sheehan & Mary Sheehy .Baptised   20 Oct   1862

    Other than these, if there are any others you would like to get clarification of, Please let me know and I will try to help



    Frank Fahy West Cork

    Thursday 17th Nov 2022, 10:43PM
  • Beverly,

    Would be obliged if you would contact me through my email address as I spend far too much time scrolling through Ireland XO messages. I dont mind if you also answer through XO but Mail is better for me.

    Frank Fahy West Cork

    Thursday 17th Nov 2022, 10:49PM
  • Beverly,

    would appreciate some response from you on your query either on this site or my email.

    Frank Fahy West Cork

    Saturday 19th Nov 2022, 10:51PM

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