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Hi All, 

My name is Bridget Donovan from Bayonne, NJ. 

I am looking for any connections to the siblings or information on the family of my great grandfather David Donovan baptized in Desertserges 31May1862 and his father, my 3rd great grandfather, David Donovan b abt 1817. Died Killeen 30Sept1900. 

The following info I know is correct as all of my 2nd great Aunts and Uncles were baptized in Desertserges. I do have copies of the parish birth records as well as Daniel's Civil Birth registration and David and Ellens marriage record from Kilmacabea.

David Donovan married Ellen Collins in Kilmacabea on 19 May 1846. Witnesses: James Collins and John Collins.

It is possible David Sr. or his family was originally from Kilmacabea and moved to Desertserges to farm. 

They had children baptized in Desertserges: 

John b. 1 Jan 1848 Sp: James Collins, Catherine Slyne

Catherine b. 19 May 1850 Sp: Daniel Collins, Mary Donovan

James b. 25 May 1852 Sp: Denis Collins, Susana Nyhan

William b. 19 Aug 1854 Sp: John Donovan, Mary Collins 

Mary b. 21 Feb 1856 Sp: Timothy Donovan, Margaret Collins 

Margaret b. 6 Mar 1858 Sp: John Donovan, Mary Collins 

Ellen b. 30 Mar 1859 Sp: Patrick Donovan, Margaret Collins 

David (my great grandfather) b. 31 May 1862 Sp: John Collins, Mary Murphy

Daniel b. 27 Apr 1865 Sp: John Donovan, Kate Donovan 

There is a Maggie Keohane from Maulroar as a witness to David Sr.'s death on the civil registration  I believe she could either be a daughter or granddaughter of David. I did find a David Donovan farming in Maulroar as well. 

I've found David Sr. in the Griffiths Valuation farming in Kileen with a Timothy Driscoll. They were tenants of Francis Beamish. David may have sub-leased to a Mary Hurley as well. 

Someone with a knowledge of the Desertserges area mentioned this Donovan family could be the "Donovan Mirane" family. A Mirane family was listed above a Donovan family in the Title Applotment Books for Kileen that is the only connection I could fiind. 

David b 1862 (my g-grandfather) and his brother John immigrated to Bayonne, NJ in 1880 and 1885. 

David Sr. seemed to have lost the farm according to newspaper articles I have found. His name and the loss of his farm was still referenced in an article in 1910 regarding another dispute about the property - 10 years after his death. 

I do have copies of birth records for David and his siblings and copies of newspaper articles mentioned. 

Any information would be greatly appreciated! 

Bridget Donovan 

Bridget Donovan

Sunday 6th Oct 2019, 01:34PM

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