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Greetings - Daniel McCarthy & Margaret Callaghan were married on 2/7/1864 in Inchigeela.  All records I have been able to attain show they had 7 children:  Johanna - 1864; John 1866; Timothy 1870; Patrick 1872; Michael 1872; Kathleen 1881; Julia 1882. All children were born in Inchigeela except Joanna who was born in Silvergrow.  I show baptism records in Inchigeela for each child except Kathleen and Julia.  I would appreciate finding baptism records for Kathleen and Julia.  I would also appreciate knowing if there were other children born to Daniel and Margaret that I have not listed.  I believe Julia McCarthy to be my Great-Grandmother and would appreciate any further records of her in Ireland.  She immigrated to Boston and I have records from that point on.  Thanks so much.  Shirley



Saturday 11th Feb 2023, 08:00PM

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  • Shirley:

    I located a daughter Mary baptized April 11 1877   Reord was found on the subscription site

    The records on the parish register obtained by NLI for Inchigeela/Iveleary parish end on February 4 1881 so there would be no way to find the records for Kathleen and Julia unless Kathleen was born in January 1881 thru Feb. 4 1881. 

    You would have to contact the church.

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Saturday 11th Feb 2023, 08:37PM

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