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I would appreciate assistance on the ancestors of Con 'Curly' Donovan of Gurtnadihy who was born c 1813 and died in 1881. He was married to Mary Young from Caheragh and they had at least nine children. His father was Cornelius who was alive until the early 1850s at least. He had a sister Honora who married Michael Cahalane of Clonkeen in 1851. Beyond that I am having difficulties.

In 1901 and 1911 there is a John Donovan in Gurtnadihy who may be a brother of Cons but there is a huge age difference as John was born c 1844. In Johns marriage record in 1876 his father, Cornelius, was noted as dead so he cannot have been a son of Con 'Curly' who was still alive at that time.

This family and the family of Daniel Donovan, also of Gurtnadihy, appear to be closely related - sponsors at baptisms and witnesses at marriages etc. Were old Conrelius and old Dan brothers by any chance?

Ideally I am hoping to find or contact a member of this family who is familiar with the ancestral family tree because my wife is a great great grand-daughter of Honora Cahalane nee Donovan.

Are their family graves with headstone inscriptions that might help and if so where might I find them?

Any help appreciated.




Sunday 6th Mar 2022, 12:03PM

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  • Family lore has it that a Crowley from Gallows Hill, Leap married a Donovan from Gurtnadihy. The story includes mention of two members of teh Crowley family - Mike and Pat.  I have had no luck in identifying any of these members of teh family tree. Can anybody help please?



    Wednesday 23rd Mar 2022, 03:12PM
  • Hi Liam,

    Dont know if the following is any help to you or if you have it already.

    Cornelius & Mary Young were married in Caheragh on 02 Sep. 1841

    Michael Cahalane & Honora Donovan had the following children baptised on the dates given.

    Denis  28/03/1852

    John 30/06/1853

    Mary 18/04/1855

    Cornelius 15/03/1857

    Bridget  08/03/1859

    Michael 08/04/1861

    Catherine 28/09/1863

    Thomas 11/02/1857

    I realise that you may have that info already but no harm done. If there is more specific info you can give me or require addition to, please let ,me know and I will try to help. It may be quicker if you contact me on my email which is or/and this site and I will try to help.

    Frank Fahy


    Frank Fahy West Cork

    Tuesday 12th Apr 2022, 10:18AM



    Keith CollinsBore da/ Maidin Mhaith Liam.  I am interested in a Leap/ Caheragh Donovan marriage.  My 2 x great grandfather, Timothy Donovan of Leap, married Mary Houriahan of Caheragh.  They leased a farm out in Tullig Leap.


    Tullig Man

    Monday 18th Apr 2022, 10:26AM
  • Keith - delighted to hear from you.

    Have you checked the church records section of the website? 

    I did a quick check this morning and found a marriage record in Caharagh parish 8 Feb 1853 Timothy Donovan and Mary Hourihan.

    Could this be the couple you are looking for?

    There were no other candidates that I could see.




    Tuesday 19th Apr 2022, 08:46AM
  • Bore  da/ Maidin Mhaith Liam.  Yes these are my great, great grandparents.  I am interested to discover which Donovan sept  Timothy belonged to.

    Regards.  Keep in touch.


    Keith Collins

    Tullig Man

    Wednesday 20th Apr 2022, 09:21AM
  • Keith

    Thats a question above my pay-grade I'm afraid.

    You will need some more local and specialised source of information. Perhaps Frank Fahy above might be able to advise?

    Good luck



    Thursday 21st Apr 2022, 09:00AM

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