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I am looking for any Bolster relatives from 1825 to present. Who lived in the Kilshannig Mallow area.


Thursday 11th Jun 2020, 05:29AM

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  • Hi,
    Early records…
    Later years, we would need Christian names and approx years of births please.


    Thursday 11th Jun 2020, 10:47AM
  • Hello kathleen

    My name is Donie O Sullivan ,i live in Kilshannig Parish and have an interest in local history and may be able to help you.I took charge of a project to record all of the names on all headstones in Kilshannig Cemetery and the most common name there is Bolster.There were many branches of the family in the parish and I am aware of most.

    The Graveyard Project is found in "" .and is free to search. Search for Kilshannig or Newberry and county Cork and you will see photo of the graveyard ,click on that and  the database will open up..Scroll down through the surnames and click on the number of the ones with surname Bolster or Boulster..I have included a little history on the page for the more famous people buried there.

    If you find any connections get back to me as i know some Bolsters in the area.  and more of their history.I also can access baptisms and marriages for the protestant Kilshannig parish  from about 1730 to about 1890..

    The Bolsters were well known in corn milling and had a number of water powered grist mills in the 1800's.They were generally wealthy farmers and would appear to have come to Ireland  after the Desmond rebellion in the early 1580's when huge tracts of land were confiscated and distributed to English settlers.

    Ihope  you will find some connections in the graveyard list



    Donie Sullivan

    Friday 12th Jun 2020, 09:04PM
  • Hello Donie,

    Since you have knowledge of the Bolsters I have a mystery I have been trying to solve.  I visited my grgrandfathers grave at the St Marys Mallow churchyard  several years ago and was told by a cousin that was with me that a George Bolster was responsible for the grave that was there.  My great grandfather was Thomas Fitzgibbon, a miller, and might have worked for George. He died in 1856, however the grave may be newer than that.  Do you have any information on a George Bolster and anything about him?  Idon't believe he is related to my Fitzgibbon or O'Brien family.


    Thank you

    Joan FitzGibbon

    Joan FitzGibbon

    Saturday 13th Jun 2020, 03:29AM
  • Hi,
    Can I just check...
    My great grandfather was Thomas Fitzgibbon, a miller, and might have worked for George. He died in 1856
    Is that year correct or should it be 1956.



    Saturday 13th Jun 2020, 09:31AM
  • Margo, it is correct, he died 1856 at 48 years old



    Joan FitzGibbon

    Saturday 13th Jun 2020, 05:59PM
  • Ok, thanks, Civil records were introduced in 1864, before then Deaths were not recorded.
    Bolster records...1823…
    162 records in this site for Bolster in Cork
    This site below.....will give BDM's Births up to 1919(being updated to 100years) Marriages 1944 and deaths 1969.
    For births up to 1958 use
    Then use the census records.
    Fitzgibbon = Millers and Bakers


    Sunday 14th Jun 2020, 08:48AM
  • Hello Joan

    Being a miller he could be working for a George Bolster ,unfortunately there were a number of George Bolsters in the area. The one I would be most familiar with was a  George Bolster who established an estate in Curraghbower in Kilshannig parish .He built a new corn mill there in about 1847 but had an older mill in Gortroe townland throughout the 1st half of the 1800's. these places are about 7 miles from Mallow town but there is nothing to say that Thomas lived in Mallow.. I have come across occasions where the landlord provided the grave and headstone for some key,long serving employees.I would expect George Bolster was a protestant and St.Marys is Catholic.

    Thomas Fitzgibbon was alive when Griffiths Valuation was compiled and would be over 40 years of age and therefore should appear in that list but no such person was found in or around Mallow.

    Have you a photo or note of what is on the headstone ,what area in St.marys is it located  and have you names for his wife and children that may help in  finding out more about him..



    Donie Sullivan

    Sunday 14th Jun 2020, 08:57PM
  • Hello Donie,

    It is possible he would have worked for him at the mill. I will have to check out Gortroe, hadn't heard that name before.  I believe that he worked for the Quartertown mill in Mallow when he married in 1834, marriage record said Ballydaheen, and then went to their mill in Galway for 2-3 years and returned to Mallow and was in that area when he died in 1856.  I have a photo of the stone and a transcription. His wife was Margaret O'Brien and I have the childrens names, there were 4 and have traced all known relatives from Thomas to present with the help of cousins in Ireland.  My grgrandfather is the 3rd born, James, 1st born is Gerald and he was born in Galway while they were there.  I know his grgranddaughter.  2 daughters, Anastasia, no record of what happened to her and Mary who remained a spinster and lifed in Mallow until her last few years and then in Cork City with nephew.  Met many of the family still alive over the last 17 years but no one knows much of Thomas or Margaret except that George Bolster put the gravestone up at some point.  It is a double plot with a little fence around it but only one side of the plot looks used and just has his gravestone. Wife could be in the other plot without a stone.

    It says: Erected to the memory of Thomas Fitzgibbon who departed this life 26 Nov 1856 aged 48 years. May his soul rest in peace Amen.  From the back of the church,  the gravestone is on the left side in the second row off the left wall just beyond the metal gate there. It is 6 or 7 graves from the church. It is tall with a rounded top.  Quite a large stone for someone to put up and engrave. There is no known Bolster that married into the family unless it was a sibling of Thomas but I have a few potential ones but nothing to prove they are his siblings at this point.

    I have never found that he owned land.  I have gone thru all the Griffiths, have gone thru census records and have tracked every Fitzgibbon I can find and followed their trees.  I think he must have been in the Witness Protection Program. :)

    That is the extent of my knowledge of this.   

    thanks for your assistance Donie.

    Joan FitzGibbon

    Joan FitzGibbon

    Monday 15th Jun 2020, 03:41AM
  • Hi Donie, Thank you for replying to my question regarding the Bolster family.

    My family history is that my 4th great grandfather John Thomas Bolster (b. 15 Mar 1778) was born in Kilshannig by Mallow, Cork. He married Grace Elizabeth Gardiner in 1808. He and his family (6 children) left Ireland in 1825, bound for Canada to be part of the Peter Robinson Settlement. Along with his brother Joseph (b 1870) and his 8 chiildren. Jpseph married Mary Gardiner in 1803. She died in childbirth in 1817. John and Josephs parents were Thomas Bolster (1748 -1803) and Elizabeth Pilltan (d.1803). Religion: Methodist

     I am having trouble finding any relatives that may have been left in Ireland as I am searching forward instead of backwards. I am wondering if the Bolsters that are in the area today would have any knowledge of John or Joseph in their family trees.

    I have looked at the Historic graves site. Three names stand out: John bolster CO-KSNG 0012, William + Jane Bolster CO-KSNG 0030 and Martha Bolster CO-KSNG 0262 as possible relatives. I know Les Benn here in Melbourne, Australia. He is related to Martha Benn (1825 - 1908), who married William Bolster on 13 Nov 1847. We cannot establish a connection.

    How do I go about tracing them? Any suggestions?


    Kathleen Bolster


    Monday 15th Jun 2020, 04:20AM
  • hi kathleen

    I hada look at Kilshannig records and saw John Boulster was baptised on 15/3/1778 to Thomas and Elizabeth as you had indicated  he had the following siblings baptised ,all Boulsters and that spelling is on headstones in Kilshannig that may point you in a certain direction.

    Thomas      1749

    katherine - 1752

    Mary          1757

    Richard      1760  

    Elizabeth    1763

    jane            1769

    William        1771

    Elizabeth     1776

    I did not see a Joseph but he could still be there,however there were a number of Josephs and is it possible he was an uncle or a your John

    From list above Thomas and Elizabeth may have married in c 1848 but not in Kilshannig.She would appear to have been from another parish.

    I should also mention that the Bolsters leased an estate with a corn  mill in lombardstown in c,1830 and ran the mill until 1878..Lombardstown ,Gortroe and Curraghbower are in the same area of Kilshannig parish 6-8 miles west of mallow town.

    A number of families from the greater mallow are emigrated ito Canada uder the Robinson scheme in 1825  because the the local landlord Jepson was an agent for Robinson and would certainly have recommended the Bolsters as suitable colonists.Records of this should be available as I have seen them with others.

    Trying to trace your line from John ,I will look at options 






    Donie Sullivan

    Tuesday 16th Jun 2020, 08:00PM
  • Another Bolster family from Kilshannig: Elizabeth (known as Bessie)  Bolster baptised Kilshannig 15 Ju  1841  parents Thomas and Jane married Charles Hovenden Roche in the C of I Parish Church Kilshannig 6 Dec 1866. Charles was the dispensary doctor at Kilshannig at the time, later practicing in the Grand Parade, Cork City. I have photos of Charles, Bessie and children but no further information on the Bolsters, my line being the Roches who were from Mallow.




    Sue McCarthy



    Wednesday 17th Jun 2020, 10:15AM
  • Attached Files

    Hello Donie, Thank you for all your great work documenting the people buried at the Kilshanning Cemetery and beyond.

    My great, great, greandfather Richard Boulster immigrated from Cork to Ontario, Canada in 1848, as inscribed in his headstone in Cobourg there, attached. The Boulster spelling is in the census records in Ontario, and we think his wife may have changed it upon his death. He died in 1882 at the age of 59, so he was born sometime in 1823. The only Richard Boulster that appears in searches of Cork at that time is the Richard Boulster who was baptized in Kilshannig by Mallow on Dec 19, 1823. It certainly appears that the Mallow area was the primary location of most of the Boulsters in Cork and Ireland at that time. Assuming this is my great, great, great grandfather, would you or someone over there know perhaps who his father and mother were. Further, do you know if anyone has done a thorough Boulster family tree going back to when they first may have arrived in Mallow or Ireland? Thank you for your time.


    Monday 22nd Feb 2021, 01:34AM
  • Hi! I have been trying to connect my Bolster Family tree. I am specifically looking for information on Thomas Bolster who married Johanna Collins in August 17, 1839 and had at least one second great grandfather Cornelius Bolster from Killetra, born somewhere in the 1840's. According to the records I found, Cornelius married Hannora Quinn in ;Glantane Cork Ireland.

    All standard sources of information have led me to a dead end. There are so many Thomas Bolsters that it is difficult to decipher this portion of the family tree. Any assistance you can lend would be greatly appreciated. Linda

    Linda Huber

    Sunday 25th Jul 2021, 06:54PM
  • Hello Linda

    I have checked some databases and cannot find the birth of Cornelius Bolster anywhere.I did find the marriages you showed and both were in Catholic Churches but most Bolsters were Protestant .Cornelius would be an extremely rare name for a Bolster ,are you sure of it and could he have been born in another country. Killetra is in Mallow parish and Castlemagner is about 10 miles from there There were no Cornelius children recorded for Thomas and Joanna in Ireland. Glantane parish is the name of a catholic parish near mallow while the same protestant parish is Kilshannig and this was the civil parish until 1922. There are a number of Thomas Bolsters born in Kilshannig parish where the name is most plentiful..I checked the parish register and found about12 Thomas Bolsters baptised between 1780 and 1809 and any one of these could be your ancestor,unless you have more information it is impossible to pin point someone.There would be more Bolsters in mallow and other parishes but not as many.


    Donie O Sullivan

    Donie Sullivan

    Friday 30th Jul 2021, 02:47PM
  • hello Rihard Boulster.

    I see a Richard Boulster was baptised in Kilshannig Protestant churchin 1753 and another in 1784,both in Scarra townland in the parish.If your Richard of 1823 is your ancestor his father was also a Richard and may be  one of these two,but  recorded as a Bolster and not Boulster.There were  a few other Richard Bolsters baptised in 1826,1823,. in the oarish and have you any evidence the 1823one isyour ancestor ?

    Regards Donie


    Donie Sullivan

    Saturday 31st Jul 2021, 10:33AM
  • Message from Kay Burke

     there are a number of videos and references by Gordon Sharpe Bolster of Glenlohane Castlemagner online - with historical references.

    George Sharpe Bolster used to live in England and come to Castlemagner annually - my dad was an Auctioneer- Phil Burton of Kanturk who managed the affairs of the farm.


    Kay Burke (nee Burton)



    IrelandXO Moderator DC

    Sunday 1st Aug 2021, 01:01PM
  • Hello Donie,  Thank you for your reply! My grandfather George Bolster was born in in 1891 in Cobourg, Ontario, Canada. We found his father John Bolster's grave, and then his father Richard Bolster's grave, both in Cobourg (see attached photo in my first comment). It states that he was a native of County Cork, and died on July 1, 1882, and was 59 years old, so he was born in 1823. I have census, marriage, and death records connecting them to our family. I tentatively have Richard's father in my family tree as the Richard Bolster born in 1784, and his father as the Richard Bolster born in 1753, that you mentioned, but no documents to validate them. Any thoughts or assistance would be appreciated!  Best.


    Sunday 1st Aug 2021, 06:12PM
  • PS Donie, it also appears that both the Richards from 1784 and 1753 were spelled Boulster.


    Sunday 1st Aug 2021, 06:30PM
  • Attached Files
    Aldworth House.jpg (69.16 KB)

    hello Richard

    I gather your grandfather was George ,born in Ontario,and your great ,greatgrandfather was Richard who was  a native of County Cork and born c 1823. To connect him to others have you any sisters or brorthers in your tree for this Richard.

    The baptism records for Kilshannig spell out Bolster but Roots Ireland has Boulster as the spelling.

    A Richard Bolster had an extensive estate in Aldworth townland beside Scarra Townland and built Aldworth House in c 1790  His son George ,born in 1776 in Scarra, leased Currabower estate and built his home there in 1818 ,which connects George and Richard.

    Richards wife was Grace and they had a son Richard in it very possible your ancestors were the Bolsters of Aldworth.and Scarra

    the house is still occupied.,Photo attached




    Donie Sullivan

    Thursday 5th Aug 2021, 08:21PM
  • Hello Donie,

    Yes to your first sentence. Unfortunately, I don't have any sibling information for Richard yet. Interesting about the spelling. Thanks for the info about Aldworth House and Currabower estate, I had the photos but no construction dates. My tree has-  Richard (b1753) & Grace (b1755) had a son Richard in 1784 (not 1884), who I tentatively have as my great, great, grandfather's father. My only source to validate that is a woman in Ontario, who only communicates through a friend, and won't reveal any sources.

    I would love to see a baptism/christening record for Richard (b1784), so it might show who his parents were. Also would love to see a marriage record of when he "married Johanna Troy from Waterford" [according to my Mom's notes] I assume in the Newberry church.

    Thanks for your time!



    Friday 6th Aug 2021, 07:23PM
  • Attached Files
    CO-KSNG-0267.jpg (60.71 KB)
    BOlster Grave.docx (11.52 KB)


    I looked up the Kilshannig Graveyard database that I was involved in 10 years ago and note that headstone number 267 contains the names of Richard and Grace who you consider your ancestors.

    I attach a photo and transcription on headstone.You can log into that website by opening "", projects,page 2,Historic graves of Duhallow. kilshannig graveyard and number 267. There are other Bolster graves also in Kilshannig
    I checked the baptism records for children of Richard Bolster and Grace and found the following,george 1776,thomas 1778, mary 1779, margaret 1782, richard 1784, james 1785, catherine1786. Interestingly while the father was a Bolster ,all 7 children were baptised as Boulsters.

    The Richard baptised in 1753 was born to a Richard Bolster and Mary.... and this date ties in with his age on headstone .To get a baptismal certificate you should be able to get one from the new clergyman who is covering a number of protestant parishes .Kilshannig church and graveyard were handed over to Cork County Council 30 years ago when the congregation was small.
    The grave stone attached was a typical protestant one that were placed horizontally and not standing.When surveying the graveyard we almost missed over 50 such flat headstones that were covered in up to10cms in debris,leaf fall etc over the centuries so we cleaned them off to photograph and record the inscriptions.
    Regards Donie

    Donie Sullivan

    Monday 9th Aug 2021, 09:27PM
  • Attached Files

    Hello Donie,

    Thank you for your thoughtful reply. Yes, I am aware of your work in the Kilshannig graveyard, and have watched your wonderful videos on it. This was my first greeting to you a while back- "Hello Donie, Thank you for all your great work documenting the people buried at the Kilshanning Cemetery and beyond." Attached is your map of it, with my blue squares around the various Bolster graves, and with green outlines for those in my tree. I have Richard (1753) and Grace in my tree, as well as their children and his parents Richard (1713) and Mary Vanston as you mentioned. Interesting about the spelling again. Thanks for the tip about the new clergyman. Do you have any contact info for him?

    Also, do you know if there would be marriage records for my Richard (baptised 1823)? He emigrated in 1848, so it would be before then.

    Thank you!


    Tuesday 10th Aug 2021, 07:25PM
  • Attached Files

    Thanks Richard

    I did not find a marriage for Richar of 1823 so i assume he married in his wifes church ,wherever that may be.Iam attaching a photo of new info board we are uveiling this Monday which is a more accurate survey of the graves and a hart by surname to find the correct one..each surname has alistof numbers after it to denote the headstone number on the map. We also included some brief history and aqr code to link into the website. This to facilitate visitors to the graveyard.



    Donie Sullivan

    Friday 13th Aug 2021, 08:03AM
  • Hello all you Bolsters 

    i met a  man named Desmond Sharp Bolster on Monday at an unveiling of an information/gravefinder chart at Kilshannig graveyard which a few of us produced to facilitate visitors in locating their ancestors headstone.. I met Desmond a few times when we were surveying the graveyards and located some of his ancestors headstones. I Knew he was interested in family history and I had a chat with him last Monday .he has done some work on the Bolster history and is happy to share what he has with you all.His lineage is also going back to Richard Bolster of Scarra , Aldworth and Curraghbower so I am including his e mail address. he lives in Glenlohane House and has a website for it as his family keep guests ,mostly of the more upmarket type. He is very approachable and should have some interesting information. The Bolsters must have been a very fertile crowd as they are by far, the most numerous name in Kilshannig graveyard..

     search for Glenlohane House and you will see the house and his contact is ""

    Desmond is elderly and is certainly in his 80's ,his family now seem to be running the place.

    He knws he will be getting enquiries from America 

    Best Regards

    Donie O Sullivan 


    Donie Sullivan

    Wednesday 18th Aug 2021, 03:50PM
  • Kay Bourke---nee Burton:

    Yes, your Father, Phil Burton, did act as a renting auctioneer for my Father at Glenlohane and, sometimes, Mr. Burton rented land himself. However, George Sharp Bolster did not live in England and visit Castlemagner once a year. He was born and lived here. In the late 40's after the War, he started a vegetable business and opened THE GREEN LEAF on the square in Kanturk. He then opened another GREEN LEAF at the bottom of Main Street in Mallow. He also supplied vegetable shops and hotels in Cork and Killarney. In the Summer, he supplied the Parknasilla Hotel.  Times were changing and production costs were catching up. He told me that the price he could get for cabbage remained at six pence per head for ten years so he relinquished The Green Leaf to his sister and brother-in-law, Muriel and Gus Shelton of Springfort. He started a tea room on Main Street in the late 50's but money was very scarce. Very few people ate out in those days and they were not going to spend one shilling and six pence for a cup of tea when they could have it at home for three pence. We commenced a modern dairy operation in the mid 60's and were milking about 112 cows by the early 70's.. My Father died in 1978.  I remember your Father very well and was at his funeral. My Father had a very high regard for him.


    Desmond G. Sharp Bolster



    Wednesday 29th Dec 2021, 05:39PM
  • Richard Boulster:

    My Great, Great, Great is Richard Bolster b 1750-d 1836. He married Grace Smith of Newmarket. Her Father was Manager for the Alsworth Estate of Newmarket Court. His Father was also Richard Bolster b circa 1725 and he married Jane Vanston. The Vanstons were also resident in Kilshannig parish. I do not know if this connects with your Richard because I have no record of any Richard marrying someone from Co. Waterford.

    I do have record of another Richard b 1808 d. 1890 in America. He married Ann Wise and had issue.


    Desmond G. Sharp Bolster


    Wednesday 29th Dec 2021, 05:51PM
  • Hi Kathleen,

    My ancestors came to the UK from the Kilshannig Mallow area. My 2nd great grandfather is Thomas Bolster from Keelnahulla :)

    Adrian Bolster

    Sunday 20th Aug 2023, 09:44AM
  • Adrian

    Saw your post and I do not know  Keelnahulla. It is not a townland in Kilshannig parish. Could you check the spelling again. .This Thomas Bolster ,have you a time he lived and was it your 1st grandfather who emigrated



    Donie Sullivan

    Monday 21st Aug 2023, 08:29PM
  • Hi Donnie,

    Sorry my mistake it should read Keelnahalla I think. The headstone is difficult to read. 

    It was my grandfather who emigrated to the UK with his wife and children. He was George Frederick Bolster from Dromalour. His parents were Robert Thomas Bolster and Susan Gash Bolster, also from Dromalour. 
    Thomas Bolster was born 1823 and died 1889.



    Adrian Bolster

    Tuesday 22nd Aug 2023, 09:39PM
  • Hi, I am trying to make sense of some Bolster ancestors of mine. I'm in Moray, Scotland, and descended from Sarah Sharp (died 1832), the 4th daughter of William Sharp of Glenmount, County Cork, and Thomas Bolton Justice (?1800-1858), an apothecary n Cork. William Sharp's wife was Mary Bolster, who I believe was the daughter of John Lancelot Bolster. In 1768, John Lancelot is described as a freeholder in Tullerboy, Co Limerick, and I am guessing he is the one whose will is dated 1784. Now, all the family I have found so far seems to be from around Mallow, which suggests to me that he was from this area.

    I have found a family tree which states that he was the son of George Boulster b1690 Kilshannig by Mallow d 1769 Co Cork, and that George was the son of Richard b1655. I followed the link that Donie gave for the Kilshannig graveyard but there isnt anything that early. I'm hoping someone can give me a little more clarity on this! I am presuming that Mary was born somewhere around 1745-60 as her son was born 1780.

    Thanks, Simon
    (I used a gmail address for this to avoid spam, so I might not see this for a wee while. Feel fee to contact me direct at if you have something :-)

    Sunday 27th Aug 2023, 04:44PM
  • Sarah Sharp did not die in 1832 as she had my Grandfather , George Sharp Bolster, in 1854.  1832 was her date of marriage.


    Desmond George Sharp Bolster


    Sunday 27th Aug 2023, 07:09PM
  • Hi Desmond, that's interesting, as I have her marrying Thomas Justice in 1825 (the newspaper report of the marriage reports her as the 4th daughter of William Sharp of Glenmount), and then he remarried in 1833, to Catherine Wheeler, so I had presumed she died soon after giving birth to the daughter Mary Jane in 1831. Did she divorce Thomas, then, and remarry, or are we on two different Sarahs? I don't have names for the other three daughters of William Sharp and Henry Bolster. Cheers, Simon

    Monday 28th Aug 2023, 08:14AM
  • Good to hear from you again by the way, we last corresponded by email in 2014!


    Monday 28th Aug 2023, 08:32AM
  • Attached Files

    I have also found this will abstract for the John Boulster who died in 1784, which I think may be my John Lancelot. Can anyone shed some light on the relationships outlined here? I note there is no mention of a daughter Mary, and I know there were more than one John in the area.

    Monday 28th Aug 2023, 10:12AM
  • We must be working with a different Sarah. John Sharp, who built this house, Glenlohane, had a son William b. 1750 who married Mary Boulster, daughter of Lancelot Boulster of Limerick. They had a son, William b. 1780 who was married 3 times. His first wife was Anne McCormick who had Sarah, who married John Hawkes Bolster of Egmont, Churchtown. That William then married Barbara Nash  and then married her sister Elizabeth Nash. John Hawkes Bolster, then of Egmont, Churchtown, and Sarah then took over Glenlohane from Elizabeth. 

    I do not have any record of a Henry Bolster but there was a Henry and Ann Sharp of Mount Conway, Cork who buried their daughter Maryanne (??????) in the Sharp vault at Castlemagner in 1832. I believe that he was a brother of the second William.

    Sincerely, Desmond Sharp Bolster


    Wednesday 30th Aug 2023, 10:24AM
  • Adrian

    I looked up the Keelnahulla townland and the only near match I found is near Boherbue(Boherboy) about 20 miles west of Mallow  in 1842 it was spelled Kilnahulla. but that could change.


    Donie Sullivan

    Wednesday 30th Aug 2023, 10:52AM
  • Attached Files

    I was doing some researchrecently on graveyatrds and came across the following.

    A grave in  Dromagh which is in Dromtarriffe parish and the details are attached.

    I hope this answers some questions

     Donie O Sullivan

    Donie Sullivan

    Thursday 7th Sep 2023, 10:24PM
  • Hi Donie, do you have any information on the link between the Bolsters of Kilshannig and those of Athlacca/Tullerboy in Limerick? I have a record on the headstone of George Ievers Bolster 1834-1902, died in Ontario, Canada, which claims he was born in "Drogheda, Co.Cork" however, I believe this was a case of chinese whispers within the family and he may have been born in Dromagh but that is a guess.  The rest of the family were born around Athlacca.  The only reason I can see this happening is if the parents were visiting family in Co. Cork at the time of birth. George was the son of Lancelot Gubbins Bolster and Anne Owen Sheahan, grandson of (I believe based on numerous clues) John Bolster and Anna Maria Ievers of Tullerboy, Co. Limerick.

    Any clues you might have on the birth and family ties would be appreciated beyond belief.

    Regards Geoff

    Geoffrey Bolster

    Thursday 1st Feb 2024, 08:30AM

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