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Looking for Timothy Kelleher. DOB: 4th April 1856. Parents: Michael Kelleher and Mary Haley. Siblings: Mary, Julia, Ellen, James and Cornelius who most likely emigrated with Timothy in 1878*1. The Kellehers of Rocky Crossing. Rhonda Boxhall 2017.

Address listed as 'Knocknamonee, Dromahane, near Mallow, Cork, Ireland.

Monday 18th Feb 2019, 11:06AM

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  • The Catholic Parish which covered Kilshannig civil parish was named Glountane or Glantane. The parish had two chapels one at Glauntane and a second at Kilpadder not far from Dromahane. (note there's also a separate parish in Co. Cork named Glounthane aka New Glanmire which can confuse some searches)

    I think that "Knocknamonee" may possibly be a reference to the townland of Knocknamona which is located between Dromahane and Glantane - see placename database

    A search of the Glountane/Glantane Catholic records or other parishes nearby shows a number of children baptised to a Michael Kellegher/Keleher and Mary Haley/Haly, but no sign that I was able to find of a Timothy :

    Catherine Kelleher bapt 3rd June 1839, Glountane/Glantane RC parish  (near the top of the left page)
    Mary Keleher bapt 29th October 1841, Glountane/Glantane RC parish  (2nd  entry on the left page)
    Ellen Kelleher bapt. 7th February 1846, Kilshannig RC records
    James Keleher bapt 28th May 1848, Clondrohid RC Parish  (very faded page - see 2nd last entry on right hand page)
    Con [Cor.] Kellegher bapt 17th May 1850, Glountane/Glantane RC parish  (nearly half way down on the right hand page)
       there's a residence mentioned on this baptism - looks like "Glash... " possibly Glashaboy townland.

    Clondrohid parish is located a few parishes to the south west of Glountane/Glantane.

    Images of the baptism registers for Glantane/Glountane are available back to 1829 on the National Library of Ireland website - might be worth a closer look to see if Timothy and any other children are included on a faded or damaged page. Some records are also included for the parish on the NLI website as Kilpadder and Kilshannig - some of these are duplicates of the Glantane/Glountane registers. (note the NLI maps for these are incorrect and shows these chapels as being near Mitchelstown)

    Shane Wilson, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Thursday 21st Feb 2019, 09:50AM
  • Dear Shanew147, thank you so much, this is amazing help so quickly. I seem to have been bogged down for a long time but with this information I have renewed motivation.

    Thank you very much.


    Saturday 23rd Feb 2019, 05:11AM
  • Hello Diamond 2579

    My name is Donie O Sullivan and I live in Glantane parish and I will help in any way i can to unravel your family history in Glantane parish. I see the great work done by shanew147.

    RThe glasha... mentioned is Glashabee ,a townland near Bweeng village where there is also another church in Glantane parish. Glashabee is located between Bweeng and Drommahane.

    There was no Kelleher anywhere in Glantane parish in c.1852 when Griffiths land valuation was compiled. The Kelleher name is most plentiful in the Ballyvourney area of County Cork which would also include Clondrohid parish. James seems to be the only child born outside of Glantane parish .State civil records of births,marriages and deaths commenced in 1864 in Ireland  so only church baptisms and marriages are available before that date.Census records before 1911 were destroyed so no joy there either.

    I did a quick check on Ellis Island immigrants and saw a Timothy Kelleher and a Con Kelleher emigrated from ireland in 1879. the timothy was 37 and con 32.

    There is no other townland in the parish resembling Knocknamonee which is now spelled Knocknamona.Spellings varied due to illiteracy.

    Not much new info there .Timothy and Mary,s wedding would help  significantly.

    One option would be to contact Mallow heritage centre where all the parish baptism and marriage records for the Diocese of Cloyne are digitised and they would search these for a fee of about 50 us dollars.. Address is Mallow Heritage Centre27/28 Bank Place,Mallow Co.Cork Ireland and phone no. is 003532250302.

    Best wishes





    Donie O Sullivan

    Friday 1st Mar 2019, 08:48PM
  • Greetings, Diamond 2579,

    I've scoured the registers, both Catholic and civil, and find the attached which may add a few siblings more than Donie and Shane came up with. Kelleher in Glantane is where my people come from. 1867 entry has "B.N.L" as address which I've been lead to believe means Beenalaght, exactly where my people lived.  Discovering the parents of your Michael Kelleher and Mary Healy would be great in determining a family connection. It looks like your Kellehers are Australian? I am in California with cousins around the USA. It is possible that your Michael and my Patrick Kelleher were siblings or first cousins. It's always a thrill to find someone seeking Kellehers in this area..

    Glantane bapt: 3 Jun 1839 Catherine, 29 Oct 1841 Mary, 19 Mar 1844 ??, 17 May 1850 Con, 15 Dec 1866 Danl, 13 Dec 1867 Cath, 7 Feb 1870 Mary, 17 Mar 1877 Julia

    CLoyne Kilshannig bapt: 19 Mar 1844 Juli, 7 Feb 1846 Ellen, 17 May 1850 Con. Con address Glashabee.
    I compiled a list of all Kellehers in Mallow and Glantane area on Griffiths and the Tithe Applotments. 

    Note that Mary Haly may also have gone by Ellen Healy according to the attached. The 1866 baptism of Daniel gave address of GLounaharee, Glountane, Mallow with mother Ellen Healy. Hmm. Also found Dec 1872 baptism for Ellen Kelleher to Michael K & Ellen Healy of Monanville, Glountane, Mallow.



    Saturday 2nd Mar 2019, 07:34AM
  • With a number of births in the parish around 1850 I am surprised that there were no Kellehers there in Griffiths valuation. I notice the reference to lyons and Monanville.This place is the home of the Lyons families in the parish.There is a name Haly,Haley,Hally as distinct from Healy and the name certainly looks like Haly,Haley in the registers.It would be some co-incidence if both Kelleher families were connected.


    Donie O Sullivan

    Saturday 2nd Mar 2019, 11:08PM
  • Attached is the compilation of Kellehers in Kilshannig Mallow for Griffiths and the Tithe Aplotments.



    Monday 4th Mar 2019, 04:15PM
  • Thanks Stignas

    I saw how I got no kellehers in Kilshannig, they were spelled keleher and there are a number of keleher families in Griffiths


    Donie O Sullivan

    Tuesday 5th Mar 2019, 07:09PM
  • Dear Donie, please forgive my delay in replying. My life is fairly hectic and there can be some longer periods of time where I don't get anything done about my family tree. I really appreciate the work and effort you have put into finding this information. I would never sorted this out in a million years. Thank you again. 


    Wednesday 13th Mar 2019, 09:18AM

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