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I'm searching for ancestors for my Irish GrandMother, Elizabeth Joyce.  The only information I have is that she was born in Peterswell, County Cork July 3, 1886 and that her Mother was Mary Linnear and her father John Joyce.


I'd like to consider visitng Ireland this summer with a cousin and it would be nice if we knew wehere we could start our search for our Irish roots!




Ottawa, Ontario

Winn Lambert-Meek

Monday 10th Dec 2012, 10:30PM

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  • Hi Winn, thanks for your message and interest in Ireland Reaching Out.


    Peterswell is actually the name of a townland in the parishes of Kilmallock and Knockainy which are on the Limerick-Cork border.


    There are a number of places where you can search for information on the family. Some good sources of information include the National Library and the National Archives. Their websites are and respectively.



    You could also check Church records for some mention of Elizabeth. Most Catholic records are held locally. One site which may be of help is  where you can browse an overview of available records in each county. 


    For Church of Ireland Records you can check and


    There may also be some record of Elizabeths family in the Griffith's Valuation. This is a land survey that was carried out in Ireland between 1848 and 1864 and it acts as a census substitute for the period as there are no surviving census records prior to 1901. You can do a search of the Valuation here:   


    Finally, did Elizabeth emigrate and if so do you know much about her emigration? Generally more information is given at the port of entry that that of departure. If you knew which city she arrived at this could be a good place to find information.


    I hope these links are of some help. Remember to post as much information as you can with regard to the people you are researching. The more information you post, the more likely it is that one of our volunteers will be able to advise or assist you. Also include information concerning which sources you may have already used so others may further your search.


    If you do decide to visit Ireland this summer would you like to share your trip details and dates via our contact form at so that we can endeavour to find a volunteer that may be able to assist and advise you during your stay?


    Kind regards.


    Genealogy Support



    Emma Carty

    Monday 4th Feb 2013, 05:13PM
  • Hi Winn,


    Just an update. According to a volunteer it might be better if you post your message on the Knockainey parish page as there may be someone in the area that can help you.


    Her is teh link to join to Knockainey page:


    Kind regards,

    Genealogy Support

    Emma Carty

    Tuesday 5th Feb 2013, 10:14AM
  • I do appreciate receiving your reply, I'll go to that website now and join up too.



    Winn Lambert-Meek

    Tuesday 12th Feb 2013, 03:06AM

    Yes, Elizabeth Joyce emigrated to Canada however I have no idea if she came directly to Canada or through the US.

    More than likely she came to Canada and married my grandfather Napoleon Allard in a suburb of Montreal, Quebec ... they married on February 14, 1911.


    This really is like looking for a needle in a haystack.





    Wednesday 27th Feb 2013, 01:29AM

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