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I am looking for County/Parish/Townland and records for Hannah McCarthy and Patrick Kennedy.

Information gathered on my gg grandmother Hannah McCarthy born March 1 1830 includes a father's name as Michael McCarthy. Husband of Hannah is Patrick Kennedy. Family lore suggests they originated in County Cork. Emmigration date probable late 1840s to Portland, Maine, USA where my ggrandmother Mary Ann Kennedy was born approximate July 15, 1850. Another person named as Mary Ann's father has been James Maher or Mahner. We have no information about why or where this part of the family tree puzzle originated. 

Mary Ann Kennedy was raised in Boston, Massachusetts and settled in Iowa in 1870 where she married Peter Flaherty and became early entrepreneurs. 

It is probable Hannah McCarthy and Patrick Kennedy were Roman Catholic. Patrick possibly had a sister Catherine Kennedy who married Peter Meehan. Birth of Catherine about 1820. 

Any information for these families are much appreciated.

Lisa Streicher

Monday 14th Nov 2022, 06:05PM

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  • Lisa:

    I searched on two sites, the free site and the subscription site Roots Ireland. I did not locate a good marriage lead for Hannah McCarthy and Patrick Kennedy so possibly they were married in America. I only found one lead for a baptismal record for Hannah. 

    Hannah McCarthy baptized June 20 1830 Kinsale RC church father Michael McCarthy mother Catherine Coghlan.

    FYI civil registration of births/marriages/deaths in Ireland started in 1864.

    You may want to consider DNA testing. Possibly you will have matches with 3rd or 4th cousins who have more information on the origins of the family in Ireland.

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Monday 14th Nov 2022, 07:41PM
  • Thank you so much Roger. I do hope to find more information about this side of the family through research and dna.


    Lisa Streicher

    Thursday 17th Nov 2022, 07:30PM

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