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Hello, I am new to this group and am seeking information regarding my ancestors and have some questions regarding some of the relationships.  If anyone can help I would truly appreciate it.

4th Great Grandfather would be William Lynch, birth 1770.  He married Catherine Nail (Neil) on June 26, 1812, at St. Catherines, Dublin City.  Catherines parents were Ambrose Neil and Catherine Eagar.

3rd Great Grandfather would be Patrick Lynch, Birth April 9, 1793 Churchtown Cork was baptized at St. Mary's.  He married a Deborah who was born in 1795.   Patrick and Deborah were part of the Peter Robinson Settlers and they were on the ship "Albion" and immigrated to Petersborough, Ontario, Canada in 1825.  There is a listing of the family aboard the ship:  Patrick, Deborah (wife) and children: Catherine (born 1810), Eliza (born 1817), Ellen (born 1819), James (born 1815), Mary born (1811), Thomas (age 3) (born 1822), and Deborah (born 1824).

I believe that Thomas (age 3) is my 2nd Great Grandfather.  He was baptized at St. Mary's, in Cork City on March 2, 1822 Diocese Cork and Ross, however; the Father is listed as Thomas Lynch, and the Mother is listed as Mary Brien.   So, here is the confusion... 1. What happened to Thomas and Mary Brien?   I cannot find death information, but I would assume that if they died, a relative Patrick would have taken Thomas in and raised him.

2. Thomas and Mary Brien also had children: Ann born 1809, Mary born 1813, John born 1816...the ages are close enough that Mary and John (who might be the same person as James), Perhaps Mary, John and Thomas all were raised by Patrick?

I do not have info on Thomas's parents, perhaps he is a brother to Patrick.


I have the information of the descendents of the family.  My lineage is as follows:   Thomas married Susan Lacy (who also was from  Ireland)  They lived in Clifton, Welland, Canada West in 1861 and in Part Dalhousie, Lincoln, Ontario, Canada in 1871.  He worked with Patrick and they worked on dredging the Welland and Erie Canals and lived in Buffalo, Erie County, New York.  They had children:  Frank born 1847, James John (my Greatgrandfather 1850), Thomas born 1856, Patrick born 1857 and William born 1858.

My Great Grandfather married Mary Ann Wright (father Owen Wright and mother Bridget "Ann" Dwyer) in Port Dalhousie, Ontario, on May 19, 1868, they had children James born 1869 in Buffalo, Erie, New York - baptized in St. Catherines, Ontario.  Loretta Mary Lynch born 1876 in New York City, Agnes Theresa born 1876 in Buffalo, Erie, New York, my Grandfather Dorsey Ferdinand Lynch born in 1878 in Buffalo, Erie, New York, and they moved to Aldrich, Minnesota after his birth.  Two more children were born in Aldrich, MN; Bessie Marie born 1884, and Frederick David born 1887.

Dorsey married Dora Elizabeth Mertens in Staples, MN 9/7/1909. Their children are Kathryn born 1910, Doris Born 1912, Marie Born 1913, My father Maurice born 1918, James born 1921, Edward Born 1923 and Lynn born 1927.


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