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Historic Graves website has lots of photos of the headstones in this graveyard but only very few have been transcribed - wonder why not?

Am interested to find headstones for O'Donovans of Ballymartin and O'Neills of Ballyphillip and their connections. Any help appreciated.




Thursday 18th May 2023, 11:02AM

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  • Hello LiamK


    Welcome to IrelandXO.  The is a voluntary project undertaken by local people to photograph/document local historic graveyards and is still ongoing.  

    Regarding your own query, as the two surnames given O'Donovan and O'Neill are quite popular in the area.  Could you furnish Names along with dates - the more information you can give us, the more chance of you getting answers to fill in the gaps in your family tree. 

                  Phyl  IrelandXO Volunteer


    Friday 19th May 2023, 02:44PM
  • Phyl, Thanks a million for responding. I understand the voluntary nature of Ireland XO and really appreciate any assistance I can get.

    My specific interest is to see if there are any headstone inscriptions for 

    Edmund Donovan (1867-1937) and his wife Ellen nee Neill (1866 - ?)

    Edmunds parents were Timothy Donovan (c. 1832-1916) and Catherine Ahearn (? - bef 1875)

    The family lived in Ballymartin

    Any help appreciated.




    If you need help transcribing headstone info from photos and I can help please dont hesitate to let me know




    Saturday 20th May 2023, 12:38PM

    Hi Liam

    Lovely to hear back from you.   Have been looking up the names you supplied above, and came across some brick walls - then looked up the1911 census - was Timothy married twice. Found some family twists.  If you give me your email address will send you what I found.

    Our Ancestors just love to play hide and seek with us  Image removed. 

             Phyl  IrelandXO Volunteer


    Saturday 20th May 2023, 07:11PM
  • Phyl

    Yes Timothy was married twice

    1st Kate Ahearn before 1864, they had at least 4 children and Kate must have been dead before the 2nd marriage in 1876

    2nd Catherine Murphy 1876 - no children from this marriage I think - she died in 1919

    My email:

    Thanks for your help - much appreciated.





    Sunday 21st May 2023, 12:00PM
  • Phyl,

    Words are not enough to express my appreciation for the help you have provided - THANKS A MILLION.





    Wednesday 24th May 2023, 01:56PM
  • Hi Liam,


    I am delighted to be of help to you, and many thanks for your kind comments.  Good luck with your research.


    Phyl  IrelandXO Volunteer ☘


    Thursday 25th May 2023, 04:30PM

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