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My parents will be visiting Ireland for the first time this Sept. My mom's family comes from the Charleville and Colmanswell area.  She is hoping to perhaps connect with a church or cemetery where some of her family may be. She is not aware if anyone from these families is still in the area.  Her local family rundown is the following:

Johanna Sheedy married Thomas Gillane in the Colmanswell area. Their children all born in Colmanswell are Johanna and Maria twins 1826, Michael 1828, Hanora 1830, John 1832, Thomas 1834, Dennis 1836, Patrick 1840, and James 1841. We have found baptismal certs from many of them and the baptisms were done in the Rockhill & Bruree parish.

John Quilty from Foxhall East, Colmanswell born about 1818. He married Maria Gillane from above we believe in Colmanswell area and they emigrated to Cincinnati OH.

David McNaughten married Elizabeth Geary both from Charleville. Their children born in Charleville are Mary 1845, Michael 1846, David 1850, Honora 1852, and Maurice 1855. Michael's baptismal cert is for Feb 1847 in Shandrum parish.  He emigrated to Chicago in April 1868. He married the daughter of John Quilty and Mary Gillane in Chicago.

How would my parents go about looking for the strands of these families in the Charleville and Colmanswell area?  Most of these people married there but we have no records online.

Any help for them would be so much appreciated.

Jeanie Lewis



Tuesday 30th May 2017, 03:08AM

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    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Tuesday 30th May 2017, 04:11PM
  • Hi Jeanie,

    I hope your parents have a good trip in September.

    In relation to churches or cemeteries of interest in Newtown/Shandrum (Newtown is a eperate parish to Charleville, though its boundary does come close to Charleville) I think you are looking at the following:

    • Newtown parish church, built around 1847 (Newtown also known as Newtownshandrum, was previously known as the Civil Parish of Shandrum, about 5 miles west of Charleville)
    • Shandrum cemetery, between Newtown and Charleville, it is a few hundred yards off the in-between road

    I have been looking at the McNaughten and Geary names in the parish. You may be aware that during the nineteenth century England was in a process of trying to Anglicise the surnames by removing Mc/Mac and O' from surnames. I think it is likely that the McNaughten name evolved to Naughton during the centurary.

    As the McNaughten children were born during the 1840s and 1850s, the only other record available at the time was Griffiths Valuation. Griffiths Valuation was the basis of assessing tax on people that occupied land and/or property. Of its nature it does not include everyone living in the parish. Looking through Griffiths Valuation the only David McNaughten/Naughton (or any other variation of the name) is David Naughton in the townland of Coolasmuttane. There are also Geary's in the same townland but there is no way of knowing if they are the same Geary's.

    Another reason I think these Naughton's are likely to be the same as the ones that you outlined is because of a marriage record of Maurice Naughton of Coolasmuttane (spelling is somewhat different on the record) in 1885. His father's name is given as David and one of the witnesses is Maurice Geary (see attachment, 3rd on page). This family were living in the townland of Broghill North at the time the 1901 and 1911 census returns were taken.

    I also attach a 'map' of the area showing the various townlands, you might excuse the writing. If you want to email me on any of the above you can email me at nospam0to24 at gmail dot com.

    Best Regards



    Wednesday 21st Jun 2017, 08:28AM
  • Hi my great great grandmother was Mary Geary and she was born in Newtownshandrum Charleville Co.Cork. Her parents were Richard and Ellen Geary and they are bueried in Newtownshandrum graveyard. My great great grandmothers brother Michael owned Gearys Bar in Charleville and it is still in the family name. If I can be of assistance please email me at

    Caroline Murphy

    Sunday 12th Nov 2017, 08:41PM
  • Hi Caroline did your parents have a successful visit to Shandrum and Ireland; is there any further info you require

    John DONEGAN; Newtownshandrum, Charleville Co Cork


    John Donegan

    Tuesday 7th Apr 2020, 03:26PM
  • Hi John it was Jeanie Lewis who was visiting and it turns out we are related. Her parents did have a very enjoyable visit to Newtownshandrum. I am a descendant of the Geary family in Coolasmuttane, Newtownshandrum, do you know anything about them or have any information?


    Caroline Murphy

    Wednesday 8th Apr 2020, 07:11AM

    Hey Caroline! Good to check in again. We will connect on email over Easter Thanks for replying.  

    John-- thanks for checking in to see how it went. Lovely!!!! I cannot tell you how awesome it is to know our Geary cousins like Caroline and our Naughton cousins in Shandrum/charleville!!

    Hope everyone in your area remains well... Chicago pretty much in lock down 

    best always





    Wednesday 8th Apr 2020, 02:06PM
  • Jennie and Gillian; thanks for your reply; Jennie what's your email address; I do have some info to exchange with you; 

    Regards John Donegan

    John Donegan

    Thursday 9th Apr 2020, 01:41PM
  • John could you please exchange your information with me also. My Great Great Grandmother was Mary Geary (b.1865) and her parents were Richard Geary (b.1807) and Ellen Walsh who lived in Coolasmuttane.

    Jeanies ancestor David McNaughton married Elizabeth Geary who is my ancestor, Richard's cousin.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Caroline Murphy

    Caroline Murphy

    Friday 10th Apr 2020, 06:31AM

    Hi my email is



    Friday 10th Apr 2020, 01:14PM

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