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I am researching my GGF Timothy William Dennis born either 1818 or 1827. Believed he had a brother William (possibly born 1815) if the 1818 birth date is correct.

His fathers name was John, both were farmers in Cork, although I believe the Dennis family may well be from Skibbereen / Tullagh District.

My family have all done DNA tests which link us with strong times specifically to the Cork locality/Munster.

I believe  John (father of Timothy) is likely John born 1790 Tullagh District and died in Barlogue, Lough Hyne Co Cork married to Mary Driscoll.  I also have DNA links to Driscoll.

Timothy William Dennis married Anne Lucinda Freyer and had several children. They named their first son George Townshend Dennis is 1854. I understand the Townshend name also has strong links to that locality. Another son was named John William Dennis.

I did learn many of the Dennis family are buried on their original farming land which may have sine changed ownership.

I would appreciate any help or further information or assistance.

I will be visiting  Cork in November and am keen to visit the family homeland.

Thank you appreciate your time



Monday 26th Sep 2022, 09:28AM

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  • Dee:

    I forwarded your message to a local volunteer. If you have not done so already, could you fill out this form regarding your planned trip. Thanks!

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Monday 26th Sep 2022, 04:00PM
  • Hi Dee,

    I am the representative for the entire West Cork area and I apologise for delay in responding to your message. I did not receive any notification from Rodger McDonnell despite the fact that he said he would. I would much prefer if you would email me directly on I am a volunteer for almost eight years for Ireland XO and do not charge for any research I do.

    I have within minutes of starting, located the Baptismal record of four of John & Mary's children. I have indexes for all of the records from 1814 for Skibbereen, Rath & thev Islands Tullagh, Creagh etc and will cointinue to look through them and contact you again when I have your email address.

    William of John Dennis & Mary Driscoll (Cape Clear Island)  Baptised 20/05/1813  Reg. Ref. 471

    Timothy of John Dennis & Mary Driscoill (Baltimore)  Baptised  11/10/1818 Reg. Ref. 1602

    Jane of John Dennis & Mary Driscoll (Cape Clear) Baptised 10/06/1821 Reg Ref. 2582

    Townsend of John Dennis & Mary Driscoll (Cape Clear) Baptised 27/12/1829 Reg Ref. 724 (2)

    When I hear from you by email, I have just found a listing of several  children with different father & mother names but whom I believe to be closely related to the foregoing family and you. I may also include the Sponsors names to the Baptisms of those above which might indicate relationships  to John & Mary

    Enjoy and come back to me asap as my time over the coming days is limited.

    Frank Fahy


    Frank Fahy West Cork

    Friday 30th Sep 2022, 06:54PM
  • Baptism of William was on 20/05/1815 on Register. Error on Index, "1813". Sponsors were: Tim Driscoll & Mary Young

    Sponsors for Timothy Bap were:Denis McCarthy & Mary McCarthy 

    Sponsors for Jane were: Pat McCarthy & Mary McCarthy

    Sponsors for Townsend (Correct spelling) were Michael Keary & Mary Driscoll

    Address on Cape Clear was Cloughnaclina which is a Townland on the Island. This Townland was on three of the four entries on the Register. The one in Baltimore may have been on a day they had travelled to the mainland and baby was born and baptised by local priest. The spelling of Townsend is the correct surname for the family. The Townshend Family inserted the (H) in the name to denote that they were the "Head" Townsend family. There are still Townshend family living and owning Castle Townshend in the village of Castletownshend.


    Frank Fahy West Cork

    Friday 30th Sep 2022, 10:14PM

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