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My 2nd great grandfather,  Rev William Mathews  was installed as the Presbytarian Minister of the Ballylintagh Church in 1843.  He was born circa 1810 Ireland/Scotland? and died at Ballylintagh in 1883.  His wife Margaret Ann nee: Armstrong born 1815 Ireland and died 1878 at Ballylintagh. They had four children: Charles who died as a child, Margaret Ann b. 1845 d. 1932 Ballylintagh, Dr, James Snodgrass b. circa 1847  Ballylintagh d. 1911 Machynlleth, Wales and Dr. William John b. 1849 Ballylintagh d. 1911 Austin, Texas.

Daughter, Margaret Ann remained a spinster and lived most of her life in Ballylintagh.

I visited Ballylintagh in Sept 2012 and was able to visit my ancestors gravesite, but unfortunately the Church was demolished around 1912.

I am interested in learning anything I can about my family's life in Ballylintagh, no matter how small.   It would be amazing to see a photo of the old church, or family members. Noting that daughter, Margaret lived there until 1932, its possible someone living in the area might have a photo of her  laying in their grandma's shoebox of photos?

I believe the Ballylintagh Church has ties to the Aghadowey Church.

Cheers, Lorraine

Surrey, B.C. Canada


Sunday 10th Feb 2013, 10:19AM

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  • Hi Lorraine: You may already be familiar with this, but if not then I hope you find it interesting:

    Ballylintagh Presbyterian Church was built in 1812 when some of the Crossgar Presbyterian congregation quarrelled with their minister and left to form a new church. In 1841, the Ballylintagh congregartion decided to adhere to the United Original Secession Church and in 1843 appointed the Reverend William Mathews, In 1852, the Reverend Mathews and a minority of the congregation joined the Free Church of Scotland against the wishes of the majority but the landowners, the Worshipful Company of Ironmongers, gave the key to the church to the Reverend Mathews. In 1857, the majority built a new Seceder church at Dromore. In 1863, Ballylintagh was received into the General Assembly. Its congregation dwindled and the church became neglected, was sold to the Aghadowey Creamery in 1905, and demolished in 1912 (not sure of this date).



    I don't know if 'your' United Original Secession Church was affiliated with the United Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland (prior to 1852) but in any event your Rev, Matthews would probably have had interaction with Killaig United Free Presbyterian Church, of which my Great Grandfather James Henry was the senior Elder. So --- possibly your GGGrand Father knew my Great Grandfather. Hmmmmm.


    Regards .... Carmen in Ottawa




    Thursday 14th Feb 2013, 06:51PM
  • Hi Carmen,

    Thanks so  much for responding with this information, it is very interesting and greatly appreciated.   It would be likely that our ancestors did interact with each other back in the day!  I will keep  James Henry's name in mind as I research and forward anything I might find.

    Cheers, Lorraine


    Sunday 24th Feb 2013, 07:18PM

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