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Hi!  It's been a while since I have put a message out here, so I hope someone can help me since this site has been useful.   My 3rd Great Grandmother was Margaret Mclaughlin who arrived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania around the 1840's-1850's.  I believe she was born anywhere between the late 1820's and 1839.  I haven't found a lot of records for her either in the U.S. or Ireland, because of the common first name and surname, but I know she married John Mclaughlin and their children were James (1858), John A (1860), Harry David (1863), my 2nd great grandmother Margaret (1865), Jennie (1867), Mary Ellen (1869), and William (1873).  From some matches I have in GEDmatch FB group for Doherty/Dougherty I believe she is from Clonmany, but I am not sure.  I know it's not much but if anyone has any information that may point me in the right direction I would appreciate it.  Thank you!



Here is a link to my 2nd great grandmother's death certificate.  She was married twice so her full name would have been Margaret McLaughlin Kessler McGraw.  This shows who her parents were and what country they were from. - Pennsylvania, U.S., Death Certificates, 1906-1970

James T.

Sunday 19th May 2024, 01:38PM

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  • Jay

    In regard to Inishowen, this area has a very active DNA group, therefore pleased to read that has identified the Clonmany area.   If request membership of the Facebook group below they will ask join their project and will guide you,  they will then advise you to post the results on their site with any family information you have.  You should then receive messages from other site members who share DNA in common with you. The administrators are excellent and will also assist with any questions. Facebook Inishowen Donegal DNA matches.

    Both surnames were common in the Clonmany area,  below is a summary extract from the Tithe applotments of 1826 for both surnames several entries:.


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    Whelanmg, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘︎

    Tuesday 21st May 2024, 02:49PM

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