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Looking for any informtion on (Linen Merchant) James Curran (Gentleman) Magheracar died 13th September 1887 he was only 40yrs of age, James is buried at Slavin cemetery with his father Felix the grave is a tabletop grave still in good condition in 2013....

He was a very wealthy man on his death leaving £3,157-4s to his elderly father Felix....

We persume he made his money from being a Merchant although his father Felix was well know in the area firstly living in the townlands of Surhanure Fermanagh farming, his brother Patrick farmed there until his death in 1887.

Felix and James moved to Maghercar period unknow, where they established a very large farm with a manor house, within the property was a trout stream, quarry..... 

Any information could help us fill the gaps in...





Thursday 2nd Jul 2015, 04:05PM

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    Quite a bit about the Curran family on this link. May save duplicate research:


    Griffiths revaluation records for Inishmacsaint should show when Magheracar Lodge was first occupied by the Curran family. The Primary Valuation is on-line, but the subsequent revaluation records which take that forward (right up to 1929) are not (save in Northern Ireland). They are kept in the Valuation Office in Dublin. If you e-mail them, they might do a look up for you.


    Elwyn, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Thursday 2nd Jul 2015, 06:28PM
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    Friday 31st Jul 2015, 12:03PM

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