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My grandmother Charlotte Johnston, was born in Bundoran Ireland in the early 1900's.  She emigrated to the United States in the 1920's with her mother and most of her siblings after her father, Patrick Johnston died.  They had a dairy farm.   Two of her siblings stayed in in Bundoran, John and Rose Ellen Johnston.  According to the 1901 records they lived at 4 Magheracar and belonged to the Inishmacsaint parish.  Great Uncle John had a son PJ.  I found records that he recently passed away and his wife's name was Betty.  Rose Ellen had two children, Harry and Kay Corbett.  I've been trying to find a way to contact them or any of their children but have been unsuccessful.  I can't find any information on whether PJ, Harry or Kay had any children.  My family will be visiting Ireland this July 2017 and spending a few days in Bundoran.  I would love to connect with any family that I have over there.  If anyone has any information on the Johnstons or Corbetts I would love it if you would pass it along.  Thanks!!

Sunday 11th Jun 2017, 04:02PM

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  • This looks like your Johnston family in 1911:

    Note that there were 11 children, of whom 10 were still alive then.

    Rose Johnston married Henry Corbett on 14.9.1914 at Bundoran RC church. Henry lived in what looks to be Glenade. His father Patrick was a farmer. A daughter Harriett Rose was born 20.8.1915 in Bundoran. Henry was a constable in the Royal Irish Constabulary (RIC) and was stationed at Swanlinbar at the time. (Henry will have moved around a bit with his career). According to the RIC records on Ancestry, he appears to have been born in 1889 and was a native of Galway. He joined the RIC in 1910.

    Only marriage I can see for John Johnston, in the Bundoran area,  was on 13.5.1926 at Bundoran RC church to Catherine Gilmartin. His father’s name was Patrick J, farmer.  John’s address was given as Newtown, Bundoran. You can see the certs on this link:

    Elwyn, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Sunday 11th Jun 2017, 04:54PM
  • Sue:

    Here is a link to the online Irish phone book   Use the Residential TAB and enter Corbett in Co. Donegal. There are two Corbett records in Bundoran. You can sent them a letter or wait until you arrive in Bundoran and contact them. Also below is the info for the Bundoran library branch. Have a great trip! By the way, we don not have a parish liaison in that area of Donegal.

    Roger McDonnell

    Bundoran Community Library Civic Offices
    Station Road

    Eircode: F94 CKX7

    Tel: 071 9829665
    Fax: 071 9829652


    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Sunday 11th Jun 2017, 06:09PM
  • Sue, if you come across anyone who can show you a family Bible or handwritten family tree, for heaven's sake photograph it and share it with me. LOL! Still searching for my own Johnston connections in nearby County Leitrim. Have a wonderful trip; I envy you!


    Sunday 11th Jun 2017, 11:29PM

    Dear Sue:  

    Thank you for your post to the Ireland Reaching Out.  I would not recommend making contact via phoning as many people are suspicious of phone scams and will not assist.  A better alternative is to contact the donegal library or even better still to contact the parish office in the area.  In this case, the nearest parish is  Church of Ireland has a very active Facebook page listed as:….  

    There is also a gentleman who oversees the local graveyard and is involved in the Church.  You can access the website details at the following:  

    If you need further assistance, please let me know.

     Kind regards,  




    Jane Halloran Ryan

    Monday 12th Jun 2017, 11:04AM
  • Thank you everyone for all of the wonderful information!  I was so excited to see all of the responses when I checked this evening.  This will certainly keep me busy for a while!

    Thanks again!    








    Tuesday 13th Jun 2017, 02:21AM
  • I wanted to update everyone and thank you again for all of your help!!  Based on the information that you all provided I was able to contact my second cousins that are still living in Bundoran.  We have been talking on the phone and plan to meet when I'm there.  The power of the internet and great people!  Thanks again!   




    Friday 23rd Jun 2017, 02:17PM
  • Dear Sue:  I'm delighted that you have made contact with cousins. That is wonderful news.

    Please keep us posted as to your family research progress and many thanks for your interest in Ireland Reaching Out!  

    If you need further add, please let us know.  

    Kind regards,  


    Jane Halloran Ryan

    Saturday 24th Jun 2017, 10:41AM
  • Sue Hi, I have just found this message board whilst working on my family tree. This is uncanny because Henry Corbett from Glenade and who was in the Royal Irish Constabulary married Rose Ellen Johnston a dressmaker from Bundoran. The amazing thing is that they had 4 children, Henry (Harry), Kathleen (Kay), John Joseph and Mary Margaret (my Mother). I believe that Rose Ellen Johnstons parents were Patrick who was a farmer from Donegal and Bridget. They had 11 children of which 10 survived. Both Henry and Mary Margaret were born in Co Cavan, whilst Kay was born in Donegal.

    Henry Corbett who was married to Rose Ellen, his fathers name was Patrick (I don't as yet know who his mother was). 

    It's a very small world



    Declan O'Mahoney



    Monday 10th May 2021, 02:56PM
  • Declan:
    Henrey Corbett was married to Rose Ellen Johnston, they had 5 children, Harriet Rose was their first born.
    I believe your mother, known as Mai married a service man.
    From my own family research I guess you are related to Rod O'Mahoney.


    Saturday 15th May 2021, 05:49PM
  • Diane Farr
    Are your Johnston's related to Rose Ellen Johnston who married Henrey Corbett?


    Sunday 16th May 2021, 10:01AM
  • Attached Files
    Mum birth.pdf (131.63 KB)

    Diane Hi, my mother May was indeed married to a serving member of the Irish Defence Force (Finner Camp) his name James O'Mahoney. They had 5 children John, Philip, Joan, Rod and myself. Unfortunately Joan and I are the only surviving members, (Rod having passed away at the beginning of this year) from cancer. I am currently in contact with Irene youngest daughter of Uncle Jon and aunt Betty and we are putting our heads together regarding the aforementioned as I can't find anything on the geneology websites as yet. Irene is now living in the U.S. James (Jimmy) and Martina are still living in Bundoran as far as I am aware. No word on Michael (these are all John and Bettys children). 

    Having checked the records, Rose Ellen Johnston was my Grandmother, as you say married to Henry (Royal Irish Constabulary). I'm assuming from your early posts that you are residing in either the U.S. or Canada? I have attached a document relating to my mothers registration of birth (entry 71).

    It would great to find out more about our ancestors as sadly we are all getting older and the sands of time are running.





    Sunday 16th May 2021, 02:16PM
  • Declan:
    Seems you are confusing me with Diane Farr?
    I am related through Harriet, Henrey (unusual spelling with the e before the y) and Rose Ellen's daughter.
    Very sorry to hear about Rod was in contact with him and his late wife Kath many years ago.
    I do have some family history details and a photo of your late father in my possession.
    This part of the family does not have contact with the Corbett's.
    I wish you all the best!


    Sunday 16th May 2021, 03:10PM
  • Hello Everybody,

    There are several things that have perked my interest on this thread. One was the Donegal Johnstons, another was the Inishmacsaint connections, and the other was the mention of a Johnston family bible. I have all three in my Johnstons of Donegal family tree, and I am originally from Copany, Donegal myself.

    I have a snippet of a Johnston Family Bible, listing my ancestors from Inver to Copany. Listed on this document are Mary Johnston of Copany. who was my great grand Aunt. She married William Johnston of Inishmacsaint, Fermanagh 1814-1897. I believed Inishmacsaint was in Fermanagh, but it is listed as in Donegal here.

    Mary was the daughter of John Johnston of Inver and Copany 1780-1863 and Jane Scott of Copany 1783-1
    851, my great great grandparents. Jane Scott was the daughter of James Scott, Lanarkshire, Scotland 1761-1822 and Prudence Gregory of Copany, 1760-1805. John Johnston was the son of George Johnston of Corraduffy, Inver, 1745-1829 and... The text ends there, but George married Catherine McKee. 

    Like I said before, this is only one page of the Johnston Family Bible. I have been searching for the rest of it for years. I would appreciate it if anybody has any more information on this Johnston Family Bible. Please feel free to email me if you have any information or questions about this.



    Thomas Johnston

    Thomas Johnston

    Friday 11th Aug 2023, 07:40AM

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