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I have located a Francis Kerrigan in Kilbarron in Griffith's. But the question remains - is this my man? My Francis or Frank Kerrigan (or Corrigan or Carrigan or any variant married a Rose Lyon and had son/immigrant Patrick in 1813. Does anyone have some data that can clarify if this is "my" Frank?

AB Wheeler

Saturday 31st Dec 2016, 09:59PM

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  • AB Wheeler:

    Welcome back to Ireland Reaching Out!

    The Griffiths for Donegal was taken around 1857. There would be no data that could link someone from an 1813 baptismal reocrd to an 1857 Griffiths record. What is your source for the marriage record and baptismal record. Kilbarron RC records start in November 1854 for baptisms and January 1858 for marriages.

    Roger McDonnell


    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Sunday 1st Jan 2017, 01:10AM
  • I have no link except a name and hope that I might find the point of origin of immigrant Patrick Carrigan ("of Donegal", son of Rose Lyon and Frank Carrigan) who arrived in Vermont between 1832 and 1839. 

    AB Wheeler

    Sunday 1st Jan 2017, 03:09PM
  • PS. The source for Patrick's birth: US Censuses and thus approximate; "of Donegal" and parents names is the official death certificate of his youngest child, Margaret Jane Carrigan Call (called Jane in most places), reported by granddaughter Alice Call McDonough. 

    AB Wheeler

    Sunday 1st Jan 2017, 03:15PM

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