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The Cookes of Corker Beg - Found Robert Cooke b.1792 and wife Catherine Jane Shaw b.1816 with children: Robert George Cooke b.~1847, Isabella b.1848 and possibly Mary Anne b.1861. I'm interested in finding any other siblings to fill in the family tree. Parish records? Are there any for those years? Thank you, Barbara Cooke Doherty


Tuesday 26th Sep 2023, 04:49PM

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  • Barbara:

    I looked at the 1901 census for Corker Beg and there were six households with three Cooke households. Not sure how they connect to the ancestors listed in your message

    Church of Ireland records for Killaghtee parish start later than you need and earlier records were destroyed in the 1922 Public Records Office fire.

    In looking at church marriage records on the subscription site Roots Ireland. I found a marriage for an Isabella Cooke (father Robert)on August 10 1867. Groom Andy Simms.

    Here is the 1877 civil marriage record for Robert Cooke to Jane Mackey See third record

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Tuesday 26th Sep 2023, 08:21PM
  • Thank you Roger McDonnell. I should have mentioned the marriages for Robert, Isabella and Mary Anne (to Adam Mackey). There is such a gap between Isabella (b.1849 Ireland-d.1920 in Ohio, USA) and Mary Anne (b.1861-d.Ireland) that I thought there would be more children but since the records were destroyed, I guess I am out of luck. It was only b/c my co-researcher was so diligent that she verified the two female children. I only had Robert's information. Robert died in 1910 and the remaining family left Ireland for the USA by 1911. Their farm was taken over/bought by another Cooke.  I am still trying to find out my possible relationship to the newer Cooke family which resided there as of 1911 but I don't know the owner's prename. The current owner is David Cooke but he knows of no relationship. Maybe the 1921 census would be helpful? I don't know when it will be freely available.  Again, thank you for confirming the other family members. Regards, Barbara Cooke Doherty


    Say Roger McDonnell, are you up for another brick wall? I have another great-grandfather named James Miley who I was told may have come from Roscommon to Longford after the famine. He settled in Derryveigh, married twice: Anna Murphy (m.1864) and Annie Miley (m.1877) and I have all the family information from there on. What I don't have is his birth which may be in 1835. I know civil records did not begin back then but I'd like to find his birth information. He was RC, not COI like Robert Cooke. Are the only possible records the church records? If they are, do you know which parishes I might search? He died in Derryveigh in 1907. I have his marriages, and his death record. He is in Griffiths in Longford (Taghshinny) in 1854. His marriage records say his father was John Miley (alive in 1864; deceased in 1877). I double-thank you! Barb Doherty


    Wednesday 27th Sep 2023, 11:52PM
  • Barb:

    There are no James Miley baptismal records in Roscommon or Longford back around 1835.

    The next available Irish census is the 1926 census which should be available in 2026.


    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Thursday 28th Sep 2023, 10:25PM
  • Hi Roger - Thank you. Very much appreciate your help. Forgot about the conflict after the partition.

    I will try FindMyPast for church records. I may get lucky! IrelandXO has been a great resource.

    Regards, Barb Doherty



    Saturday 30th Sep 2023, 06:04PM

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