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I have a few questions I would love help with: 

Anthony Gallagher b about 1847 married Ellen McGettigan b abt 1847.  Married Feb 17, 1866 at the Roman Catholic Chapel of Rossguill, district of Rossguill, Union of Milford, Donegal.  Ellen resided at Meenformal which I have found on a map.  

1- Where is "Meeney Tully"?

Anthony resided at "Meeney Tully" which I cannot identify that location.  I have searched google, maps, townland lists, and no such place seems to exist.  I assume it is spelled wrong, but I can't find anything similar.   I saw one family tree in ancestry that said Anthony was from Downings, so is there a location in or near Downings with a similar name?  I also posted my question to a facebook group and one Irish gentleman said it was Downings, but I'm waiting for a reply as to how he knows that or where in Downings this place is.  

Link to marriage record:…

2- Anthony's father's name is listed as James Gallagher, farmer.  I don't see a James Gallagher in Downings or Downies in the Griffiths valuation.  I would love help identifying any information about James Gallagher. 

Based on DNA evidence, it is certain that I am related to this James Gallagher.  I think he is my 3rd great grandfather.  However, his wife is a Miss McCloskey from Meentagh, Glenvar, Donegal.  I have DNA proof and family information that her last name is McCloskey and that she is from Glenvar, so this is pretty solid.  I also have almost a dozen dna connections to this McCloskey family in Glenvar.  My hypothesis right now is perhaps James Gallagher is the one living next door to her family in the griffiths valuation for Meentagh/Meentaugh and that Anthony Gallagher (the son) for some reason was living in Mevagh parish about 20-30 km away.  Not a common occurrence but I don't know how else James Gallagher and Miss McCloskey would have met.   (There is also a McGettigan living in Mevagh at the time so perhaps there are relatives connecting these folks).  

Other info: 

Here is a link to Anthony Gallagher in my ancestry tree.  I have birth records from their first two children in Mevagh parish and then they move to Scotland. So, I have a lot of info on the family, but can't quite connect them to my direct ancestor line yet.  (my direct ancestor is almost certainly Anthony's father James).…

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Monday 26th Sep 2022, 07:41PM

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