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My grandmother, Margaret Bridget "Maggie" Doherty, was born in 1887 in Craig, Muff, Donegal to William Doherty and Sarah "Sally" [Collins ?].  Her family had been in Craig at least since 1837 when John Doherty is listed there in the Tithe.  My question regards the original county  where Craig was.  I have heard that it was once in Templemore parish, Derry and then got transferred into Muff, Donegal.  Does anyone know if this is accurate and, if so, can you tell me how to find information on the transfer and how to find records for events when Craig was in Derry?  Thank you.

Larry O'Keefe


Friday 9th Sep 2022, 10:17PM

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  • Larry,

    You should contact the Archivist in Lifford -

    It may have been changed in Griffith's Valuations.



    Saturday 10th Sep 2022, 11:01AM
  • The border around the City of Derry was re-drawn in the early 1600s (to ensure the whole city was in the one county) but as far as I am aware Craig has always been in Co Donegal.  It may have changed parish , that wasn’t unknown but if you are looking for RC records, the bad news is that there are no very early records to search. Muff is in the RC parish of Iskaheen. Their records only start in 1858. In Templemore, St Columbs has records for 1823-1826 and then 1836 onwards.

    Elwyn, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Sunday 11th Sep 2022, 05:16AM

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