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Searching for Thomas McCarter, spouse was Phyllis Atkinson. She died in 1861. I know they had at least one son, Robert, who came to Delaware, USA, in about 1848.


Sunday 15th Jul 2018, 08:44PM

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    There’s a death notice for Phillis on this link which gives her age and places the family in Drumskellan townland.

    Thomas is listed in Griffiths Valuation in 1858. He had plot 27 which was a 5 acre farm. 2 possible deaths for Thomas. 1871 aged 86, or 1875 aged 74, both registered in Londonderry.

    The McCarter were apparently still there in 1901:

    By 1911, the widow Mary was on her own there:

    John McCarter was born 7.2.1867 at Drumskellan. From that I can see his mother was Mary Hamilton. She married George McCarter on 10.4.1862 and their marriage certificate gives George’s father’s name as Thomas. So a brother to the Robert who emigrated.

    Family was evidently Presbyterian. Greenbank Presbyterian has records from 1862 onwards and Knowhead from 1826 (baptisms) and 1846 (marriages). Copies of both church’s records held in PRONI in Belfast.

    I noted these probate abstracts on the PRONI wills site, which may be the same family:

    Administration of the estate of George M'Carter late of Dramskellan Ture County Donegal Farmer who died 7 February 1902 granted at Londonderry to John M'Carter Farmer.

    George died intestate so there’s no will but his probate file should be held in PRONI.

    McCarter Mary Elizabeth otherwise Mary Eliza of Ashdene Garden City Londonderry spinster died 22 December 1954 at Drumskellan Ture county Donegal Eire Probate Londonderry 3 March to Henry Ridley McCarter confectioner and Winifred Margaretta Harpur McCarter married woman. Effects £808 3s. 3d.

    The will itself is not on-line but you could get a copy from PRONI.


    Elwyn, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Sunday 15th Jul 2018, 10:23PM
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    Hi Carloyn,  

    I have found these notices in the Derry Journal -  Edward McCarter of Drumskellan to Ann McMonagle of Ture, youngest daughter of the late James McMonagle.  At Knowhead Church on July, 1841.

    Thomas McCarter Jr of Drumskellan to Anne Nelis, youngest daughter of the late John Nelis of Derry.  At Muff Church Co. Donegal on 2nd August, 1853.

    McCarter - 31 October, 1865  Thomas, oldest surviving son of Mr Edward mcCarter, Gas Works, Foyle Street, Derry, aged 21 years.  His remains will be removed for interment in Muff burying ground on Friday 3rd November at ten o'clock.

    McCarter - 15 December, 1865.  Annie, eldest daughter of Mr Edward McCarter, Gas Works, Foyle Street, Derry aged 16 years.  Her remains will be removed for interment in the Muff burying ground on Monday 18th inst at the hour of thn o'clock.

    McCarter - 11 July, 1873 at Victoria, Australia.  Ann, wife of Thomas McCarter, formerly of Drumskellan, Co. Donegal.

    McCarter - 17 March, 1887 at his residence 127 Cremourne Street, Melbourne after a short illness.  Thomas McCarter, formerly of Drumskellan, Co. Donegal, aged 66 years.

    McCarter - 1 December, 1891 at the residence of his daughter, Mrs John McFarliu, Newcastle, Delaware, USA.  Robert McCarter formerly of Drumskellan, Co. Donegal, aged 77 years.

    McCarter - 3 April, 1894 at his residence Armstrong Street, South Ballarat, Australia.  John McCarter, formerly of Drumskellan, Co. Donegal, aged 65 years.

    McCarter - 31 Decembr, 1894 at her son's residence New Street off Marlborough Street, Londonderry.  Margaret, relict of the late Robert McCarter, Muff, Co. Donegal, aged 61 years.  Her remains will be removed for interment in Muff burying ground this Wednesday morning 2nd inst at half past nine o'clock.

    McCarter - 4 June, 1902 at her mother's residence 1 Nicholson Terrace, Derry.  Margaret, eldest daughter of the late Edward McCarter.  Her remains will be removed for interment in Muff burying ground this Friday morning 6th inst at eleven o'clock.

    McCarter - 7 February, 1902 at his residence Mitchelstown, Drumskellan.  George McCarter, aged 72 years,

    Johnston - McCarter  14 February, 1889 in Greenbank Presbyterian Church by the Rev Robert McCreery, Ballyarnett.  James Johnston to Mary Anne, daughter of George McCarter, both of Drumskellan, Co. Donegal.

    Carruthers - McCarter  21 March, 1901 at Ballyarnett Presbyterian Church by the Rev John H. Gregg.  John Carruthers of Ballynagard, Derry to Isabella, youngest daughter of George McCarter, Drumskellan, Ture, Co. Donegal.

    Happy hunting!

    Marie (Irish eyes)




    Irish Eyes

    Thursday 19th Jul 2018, 03:42PM
  • THANK YOU SO MUCH! YES,the Robert McCarter above that died in Delaware in 1891 is our Great Grandfather. His death certificate lists his Irish parents as Thomas and Phyllis Atkinson. Robert was born in about 1810. His Mother I know nothing about except her name, Phillis Atkinson.

    Also,Robert's wife,our Great Grandmother was either Mary Caln or Mary Calnan,Ireland to Delaware. Their marriage has been untraceable for me but I know their first child William was born in Delaware 1n about 1851. Mary drops from sight in 1870. No records I can find anywhere.

    Again,thanks to anyone who loves this hunt as much as I do! Your help is so deeply appreciated.


    Friday 20th Jul 2018, 04:16PM

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