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Born 1770, died September 1853.  Buried at Glasnevin Zc 23s.

Living at South William Street Dublin at time of death.

Roman Catholic.

Appreciate information:  Husband's name?  Date of marriage?  Children?

Mary's marriage to ? Coulter could possibly be her 2nd marriage.

Possible former surnames Neil or O'Halloran or Turner or Houston.

Thank you. 

gabriel gurney

Wednesday 12th Oct 2022, 03:09AM

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  • Coulter is Mary's maiden name? Do you know her married name?


    Wednesday 12th Oct 2022, 09:52PM
  • Hi Patricia
    Coulter is Mary's married name.
    She was referred to in letters written by John Houston (1830c - 1910c) as Grandmother.
    Was a baptismal sponsor for Patrick Cs Houston, St Andrew's 27 March 1832. (John's older brother).

    gabriel gurney

    Thursday 13th Oct 2022, 11:43AM
  • Any idea who her children were? names? dates? Thanks.


    Friday 14th Oct 2022, 02:10PM
  • Gabriel,

    Not sure if you've seen this...

    Charles Patrick Houston is buried in Glasnevin with Mary Coulter:


    Date of Death: 08-09-1866

    Age        32

    Gender  -

    Occupation         -

    Marital Status     -

    Last Address       4 BELGRAVE ROAD RATHMINES

    Record Number BGLU75577


    In baptismal record for Patrick Houston, does it give his mother's name? Was she a Coulter, a daughter of your Mary?


    Friday 14th Oct 2022, 06:22PM
  • Hi Patricia, this will test you.

    Yes, I was at the grave site in June this year.  According to Glasnevin records all of the following are in the same grave site.  Zc 23 South.

    Richard Houston died 1847, Charles Patrick Houston died 1866.  Parents Turner & Lucy Houston.

    Lucy Barrett died 1889. Lucy was Richard & Charles Patrick's mother (1st marriage to Jonathan Turner Houston 1825) 

    Redmond Barrett died 1865, (Lucy's 2nd marriage 1845)

    Mary Coulter died 1853 aged 82.  (Have no idea Coulter Husband, marriage or children).  She was surname Coulter at the 1832 Baptism, that would have her her sixties.

    It gets a little complicated here:

    1803 marriage of Lewis O'Halloran & Mary Duffy (of Limerick dead by 1845 no other details on Lewis)

    1804 Lucy born daughter of Lewis O'Halloran & Mary Duffy

    1805 Lewis O'Halloran Junior born, parents Lewis O'Halloran & Mary Neil - I presume Mary Duffy died (no details)

    Mary Coulter died 1853, I'm presuming it was her second marriage to unknown Coulter.

    Therefore she may have originally been Mary Neil becoming Mary O'Halloran becoming Mary Coulter. Lucy's Step Mother.


    Jonathan Turner Houston (Lucy's 1st marriage)

    (no details on Jonathan or his parents) Possibly Michael Houston & Mary Turner

    Therefore she may have originally been Mary Turner becoming Mary Houston becoming Mary Coulter.

    There is rather a lot of presuming I know.  But, I would be most grateful for any information.




    gabriel gurney

    Sunday 16th Oct 2022, 07:30AM
  • Hi Gabriel,

    Not sure how to advise you here, as I don't know what research you have undertaken.  You have probably researched vital and church records, wills, newspapers, headstones, Griffith's Valuation, the tithe applotments, etc.  But if not, those are some ideas.



    Monday 17th Oct 2022, 04:11PM
  • Over the years I've relied heavily on the "Irish Genealogy" web site, it is really great and you must be proud of the free access to that and of course "Ireland Reaching Out", always forwarding interesting information.

    I've used MyHeritage also.  I have considered the newspapers, maybe I'll try that.

    I've had success with your web site "Posts" before. 

    This Mary Coulter, the information I have is so limited, I just can't get anywhere.  It's so frustrating.

    Thanks Patricia for your efforts.


    gabriel gurney

    Tuesday 18th Oct 2022, 09:38AM
  • Gabriel,

    The subscription site RootsIreland is excellent.  You can subscribe for a day, a week, a month, etc.


    Good luck.


    Wednesday 19th Oct 2022, 01:31PM
  • Thanks Patricia, I'll try RootsIreland. 

    gabriel gurney

    Thursday 20th Oct 2022, 02:35AM

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