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I'm looking for some photos of Killester House, Killester from the late 1800s.  My grandfathers family were living in this house at that time.  I've tried googling but can't seem to find any.

Can anyone assist?



Rachel Allan

Thursday 9th May 2013, 09:39AM

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  • Hi,

    Thank you very much for your message.

    I have forwarded it onto one of our volunteers to see if they can be of assistance or offer any advice.

    Kind regards,

    Genealogy Support


    Emma Carty

    Wednesday 12th Jun 2013, 09:34AM
  • Hi Rachel our volunteer has come back with the following:


    I don't have any information about Killester House myself, although the Raheny Heritage Society is currently doing some work on the Howth Road, which it would have been on.  I'll send your query on to them.


    Emma Carty

    Wednesday 12th Jun 2013, 10:26AM
  • Hi Rachel our volunteer has come back with the following:

    I've only got one reply so far, but I'll tell you what she told me.  She doesn't know of any photo of Killester House. You could tell the person inquiring to look up Arthur Garrett on the web, as in his booklet on Killester he said the house was demolished in 1970s and the houses of The Bramblings, a couple of terraces of red-brick houses, were built on the site.  They are on Middle Third in Killester, just up from the Howth Road.




    Emma Carty

    Wednesday 12th Jun 2013, 02:12PM
  • Hi Rachel our volunteer has also suggested the following:

    There is a photo of the gates going into the house. It was the used for the Dowager of Howth at one point. You could try contacting the Earl of Howth (Christopher or Julian Gaisford-St Lawrence) and ask him.

    Emma Carty

    Monday 17th Jun 2013, 08:36AM
  • There were two houses called  Killester House, one mistakenly so. Killester Manor House was built around 1700. It was lived in until 1889 and lay vacant until it was destroyed by fire in 1919. Killester House was built around the 1880's and survived until 1970.  The names of the principal tenants can be found in Dublin Street Directories.  Some of these are PC accessable. If your relative was an employee at the house then his or her name might be found in the census returns of 1901 or 1911, which are online (National Archives of Ireland).If you can identify the house which is of special interest  you will be in a better position to find the photograph you are searching for.Good luck. johnker


    Sunday 23rd Jun 2013, 10:45AM
  • There was another Killester House, and this was the Newcomen house. If anyone knows Killester Avenue/Middle Third, it was in the green where the martial arts hall is today. Not long after it burnt down, the British government built the houses for ex-servicemen around where had been - but the house-site itself was NOT used.




    Saturday 5th Oct 2013, 07:37PM
  • Re request for pics. 1.. The Royal Society of Irish Antiquarians had one photograph entiled "Killester" which may now have been renamed as "Killester Manor House".2. The newer "Killester House" was advertised as being for sale in the Irish Independent on 25 March 1945. The accompanying pic shows a quite different style of architecture. johnker


    Tuesday 22nd Oct 2013, 11:03AM

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