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My brick wall is my paternal great grandfather Henry Charles Quinn.  I don't know anything prior to him living in Richfield Springs, Otsego, New York, USA, in the 1860s; so have no idea how to research Irish records. 

This if the info I do have:

DOB:                16 Sep 1841/1842

Birth Place:      Dublin  (His U.S. naturalization papers aren't more specific.)

Parents:           Three of Henry's children gave three different sets of names for his parents:
                        1.  Henry Quinn / Katherine Tucker   (From his eldest child Elizabeth Jane.)
                        2.  Edward J Quinn / Elizabeth          (From his eldest son Henry Edward.)
                        3.  Charles Quinn / unknown             (From his youngest child Miranda Felicia.)
                        * Per family oral history, Henry ran away from home when he was a youth because he didn't like his mother's
                          second husband, a man with the surname of Tucker.  

Family:            Don't know names of siblings, aunts/uncles, grandparents or extended family.

Wife:               Margaret McIntosh  
                       (Margaret was born 1 Feb 1842 in Petty, Inverness, Scotland, to John McIntosh and Elizabeth Gollan.  She and her
                        family immigrate to Canada in 1853.)

Marriage:        Don't know when/where Henry and Margaret met or were married.
                           * Per family oral history, Henry worked on Margaret's father's farm in North Dumfries, Ontario, Canada.

Occupation:   day laborer, gardener, worked in electrical room of Earlington Hotel in Richfield Springs, Otsego, NY, USA

Children:         Henry and Margaret had six children:
                       1.  Elizabeth Jane
                       2.  Catherine Amelia 
                       3.  Margaret Blanche
                       4.  Henry Edward
                       5.  John Duncan / Duncan Gollan  (Research I've done suggests John later changed his name to Duncan. )
                       6.  Miranda Felicia
                            * Per family oral history, Henry was a powder monkey in the British Navy.  I think being part of the British
                              Merchant Marines more believable.  (Henry could read and write.  Don't know if that would've come from 
                              being in the British Navy or Merchant Marines or if education was available to regular folks in the 1840s /
                              1850s.)  Anyway, family oral history has it that Henry's youngest daughter's given and middle names came
                              from two ships he served on.

DOD:              30 Jun 1917

Death Place:  Herkimer, Herkimer, New York, USA

Buried:            Lakeview Cemetery, Richfield Springs, Otsego, New York, USA

Thank you for your time and assistance.

Kindest regards,
C.A. Quinn


Friday 11th Nov 2022, 05:25AM

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  • Hello Cheskie,

    There was a   John McIntosh married Betty Gollan 30th April 1841 Petty, Inverness, Scotland (N.R.S. 106/40 143)

    1841 Census Petty, Scotland John McIntosh and Betty McIntosh both age 25yrs  (N.R.S. 106/1/7) 

    John Gilbert Gollan McIntosh Born/Baptism 28th  November 1843 Petty, Inverness-shire, Scotland (N.R.S. 106/40 93)

    William McIntosh Born/Baptism 5th June 1845 Petty (N.R.S. 106/40 97)

    Thomas McIntosh Born/Baptism 26th July 1850 Petty (N.R.S. 106/40 106)

    Elizabeth Gollan Born or Baptism 14th December 1816 Parents Alexander Gollan/Ann McLean  Place Born Urray, Scotland (N.R.S. 085/10 188) (Possible)

    John McIntosh Born or Baptism 16th July 1813 Parents Duncan McIntosh/Jean Cumming Place Born Inverness, Scotland  (N.R.S. 098/70 277) (Possible)

    Most of all the other information that you already have can be found on the MyHeritage Site. The Persons in charge of the Family Trees that Used  are Ann Farley Fillhart and Richard Boehlert.

    Their information isn't all correct but a great deal corresponds to what you have gathered. (Example Henry Charles Quinn Born Dublin 16th September 1842 Died 18th June 1917 German Flatts, Herkimer, New York)

    If you need any more Help just let me know

    All the Best

    Peter C. 


    Friday 11th Nov 2022, 04:30PM
  • Peter,

    Thank you replying to my post.  I'm fairly good my on McIntosh/Gollan lines.  A bit of my work can be seen on  

    I will do as you suggested and visit the MyHeritage pages.  Although you are correct that some of the info there for John McIntosh/Elizabeth Gollan's parents is incorrect (I can contact you privately with documentary evidence), there may be a few nuggets that could help me.

    My particular research problem is not being able to find any info regarding my paternal great grandfather, Henry Charles Quinn, before he was in New York State in 1866 (per Declaration of Intention to become a Citizen).  It's almost a certainty he was in Canada just prior to this because according to oral family history, Henry met Margaret McIntosh while he was working on her father's farm.  The McIntosh family was in Canada from the mid-1850's, having emigrated from Scotland (through New York City) in 1853.  (At one time, I had a copy of church minutes stating John and Elizabeth became members of a Presbyterian church in Ayr, Ontario, in 1855.)

    Margaret and her family are on the 1861 Canada Census (Margaret: Enumeration District two of North Dumfries Township, Waterloo, Ontario; John & Elizabeth McIntosh: Enumeration District seven of North Dumfries Township, Waterloo, Ontario).  I am not able to find Henry Quinn (or Harry Quinn, as he was also called).  For all I know, he could've been in the area at that time (I don't have a timeframe for when my great grandfather worked on his future father-in-law's farm), but for some reason wasn't on the census.  

    What I do have are three of Henry's children providing three different sets of name for his parents and no documentation proving any of them are correct.  The only info I have directly from Henry are his date of birth, place of birth, and when he came to New York.  It is my hope to find someone is Ireland who has Henry as a collateral line relative and/or someone who can guide me through the research sources available.

    I am appreciative you have taken the time to reach out to me.  If I've read your post correctly, I gather we are both researching the McIntosh/Gollan family.  I may contact you privately with a question or two.

    Kindest regards,
    C.A. Quinn


    Tuesday 15th Nov 2022, 07:48PM

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