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I'm looking for help. The last relatives I've been able to trace myself are Thomas Bruce Gilbert who married Marry Moore. Here is the info I have on their marriage: 

  • Marriage Certificate St. Catherines Parish Dublin December 9th 1900 from marriage May 9th 1860. HIs father listed as William Gilbert - Gentleman- 5 Middle Patrick Place.

Witness to wedding Bartholomew Gilbert and William Singleton   

I have no info on the father William, the Bartholomew who likely is a relative too. Mary Moore's parents were Godfrey Moore and Eliza Mccormack. I have this info on Godfrey: He was admitted into the liberties and franchises of the city of Dublin by right of marriage at Michaelmas Assembly 1837 -Certificate- City Hall Cork Hill signed by William Ford Town Clerk Dec 18 1855 This then seemed to entitle William Gilbert (their son) to become a "Free-man of the city of Dublin" on 12th December 1900.


Thanks to anyone who can give me any help with more relatives or understanding any of the info I already have.





Sunday 21st May 2017, 01:35PM

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  • for reference here's a link to the marriage register on the IrishGenealogy website 

    Marriage took place on the 9th May 1860 in St. Catherine's Church of Ireland (There's also a Catholic St. Catherine's in Dublin city)

    Grooms occupation is given as bookkeeper, his residence looks like 5 Middle Patrick Place, the bride's residence as 10 Prussia Street. The groom's father William is shown as a Gentleman, and the bride's as a solicitor. Both are shown as 'full age'  so 21 or over.

    Thom's 1852 directory of Dublin lists just one William Gilbert, a commercial agent with an address at 8 Prince William Terrace, Grand Canal.  I have not been able to locate Patrick Place yet - it is not included in the Street Index or listings around this time...   In 1852 10 Prussia Street is shown as Mrs. Symes, 1858 Mrs. Moore, and in 1863 & 1868 with two names Mr. James G. Moore & Mrs. Elizabeth Moore - no sign of Godfrey that I can see either in the general index or as a Solicitor.

    The IrishGenealogy website covers most Church of Ireland parishes based in the city, but I dont see any likely baptisms for Thomas.  Did the couple stay in Ireland or emigrate - do you have any indications as to where he was born ?

    Shane Wilson, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Monday 22nd May 2017, 08:21AM
  • found a listing for Godfrey in the general Index in Thom's Dublin directory 1856 - solicitor, with addresses at 4 Chancery Place and 47 Gardiner Street Lower.  He's not listed in street index at those addresses or the index of registered 'Attorneys, Solicitors and Procters'. Maybe he was retired or deceased ?


    Shane Wilson, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Monday 22nd May 2017, 04:58PM
  • A possible sibling to Thomas ?

    Baptism of William Gilbert  7th March 1839, born 31st January 1839, in Clontarf Church of Ireland parish, residence Marine Crescent, father William Gilbert, gent, mother Hannah. 

    two further possible children to the same couple, baptised  in St. Paul's Church of Ireland Parish, Dublin City  :- with parents William Gilbert & Hannah :

    Frances Gilbert bapt. 5th December 1852, born 2nd April 1852, residence 13 Fountain Place
    Bullen Gilbert bapt 31st August 1849, born 28th February 1849, residence 13 Fountain Place


    Shane Wilson, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Tuesday 23rd May 2017, 08:03AM
  • Wow! Thank you so much for all of that information. I will have my hands full now trying to look into it further. I do know that my Great Grandfather lived in Enniskillen at some point in his life. There is some record when my Grnadpa was a boy (b. 1895)  of the Governement taking their store. Not sure why. They then moved to Dublin. But this was long after the Thomas and William we are talking about above.  

    I will see what I can do with the great info you have supplied for me. Thanks so much!



    Wednesday 24th May 2017, 12:42AM
  • My Moore family lived at 124 Thomas Street and owned a pub - The Yellow Lion Inn - at 119 Thomas Street. It was almost opposite St. Catherine's church. I've found property deeds for the family between 1751 and 1880 at those addresses, but they may not be related to your family, of course. If they are, I'd love to know the connection!

    Andrew Moore left the property to James Moore in 1782, who left it to his daughter, Mary Moore in 1830. She had married John Mac Cready in 1798 and when she died in 1844, the properties went to her son, Edward. He was a feather merchant (!) and mattress maker and was also on the Board of Guardians of the South Dublin Union between 1861 and his death in 1879.

    I don't know if this is of any use / interest to you, but it's part of the Moore network in St.Catherine's parish, as you requested.

    Happy hunting!


    ps My website is Lots of information there.



    Monday 5th Jun 2017, 02:37PM

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