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Yes, resident Aurthur Guinness grew one of the largest and best known brands on the planet. And you can visit the modern facility nearby.

Did you know that, in what some consider to have been the family's ruthless climb to the top, they bought up, or put out of business, a number of other parallel enterprises, some of which were associated with St. Catherine's civil parish.

These included:

The Peter Roe and George Roe distillery, Thomas Street.

The Ward family of Ward's Hill, had a Brewery operation.

The Darley family and Byrne & Wakins brewery on Ardee street, site of the 1916 Easter Rising.

John Powers brewery.

 The Old Distillery, William Jameson, and the Stein Family, Marrowbone Street.

If you have information about the history of these or other buisiness concerns in the district, we would love to hear from you.

There is a nice overview of some of the brewing activity in Dublin history at the weblink found listed here.

Has anyone seen or have a copy of this history book:!ORDERID!

The Guinness Storehouse and Tour is nearby, just west of Thomas Court and Earl Street.

Some say is the number one tourist destination in Ireland.

John Jamesons can also be visited, just north, on Bow street, over the river, in Smithwicks.

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