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Joseph was born 29/2/1892 in 40 New St. Dublin. The family seemed to have been in the St. Nicholas (without) parish - his father's baptism is on record there. Any ideas on where a record might be?


Sunday 14th May 2023, 11:17AM

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    Your Joseph was born at the end of Feb. 1892, and this Joseph was baptized 1 March. Do you know the parents’ names? Could this be him?


    Joseph Neville         

    Baptism:        01-Mar-1892

    RC Parish of  RAHAN, Co. Offaly

    Father:           Joe Neville    

    Mother:         M Roan


    --From rootsireland


    Sunday 14th May 2023, 02:26PM
  • Martin,

    I just looked at the civil records and see that your Joseph was the child of Peter Neville and his mother was called Downey. So that does not match the names above.

    When looking for the baptism, keep in mind that the date may PRECEDE the birth date on the civil registration.  People had to register a child's birth within a certain period of time or pay a fine. In order to skip the fine, they lied about the birth date. So sometimes a baptism date comes before the birth date. 

    Good luck.


    Sunday 14th May 2023, 02:36PM
  •… Marriage of Patrick Neville ( 40, New Street)  and Mary Anne Downey ( 35, High street) 1891 in St. Andrews Church Dublin. Patrick ( Litho printer)  is the son of Robert Neville (Carpenter) and Mary Anne is a book binder , daughter of John Downey, also a book binder.


    Sunday 14th May 2023, 09:30PM
  • Thankyou Patricia and Eileen for your information and apologies for my late response.


    Sunday 14th Jan 2024, 04:37AM

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