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My name is John O’Sheridan from Peregian Springs, QLD, Australia.

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I am looking for information about my great great great grandfather John Sheridan

I would really appreciate any help finding more about him and his wife Ann Byrne.


What I know about him


John Sheridan,

Born in France in 1725, most probably in Pays de Loire.

Graduate with Law degree from Douai University in France.

Returned to Ireland

Married in estimate 1765 in Dublin, Ann Byrne


1- Son : Thomas Charles Sheridan, [My GG GF]

Born in Dublin, 08/08/1769

Christening in Dublin, 13/08/1769Parish St. Peter Church, Reg 1769 p.45

I have a copy of the register entry


2- Daughter : Catherine Sheridan,

Born in Dublin, ?/05/1772

Christening in Dublin, 28/05/1772Parish St. Peter Church,

I don’t have a copy of the register entry.


The family moved to London, UK

John is recorded on the Browne’s General Law list for the year 1787, as Councel, Chancery Lane


3- Son : John Sheridan,

Born in London 1774


4- Daughter : Ann Sheridan,

Born in London in 1775


His ancestors were part of the Irish Dillon Regiments in France from which I have informations.


1- Rev Denis Sheridan [1612]

2- John Sheridan [1651-BEF 1737]] + Elizabeth Mary Gregory [1651-1737]

3- James Sheridan [1694- ?] + Unknown

4- John Sheridan [1725-AFT 1788] + Ann Byrne [ABT 1730- ?]


His descendants


5- Thomas Charles Sheridan [1769-1825] + Charlotte Antoinette Muuls [1780-1838]

6- James Antoine Sheridan [1813-1891] + Leonie Marie Goddyn [1829-1921]

7- Albert Joseph O’Sheridan [1863-1932] + Lioubitsa Tsenitch [1872-1922]

8- Maurice O’Sheridan [1906-1965] + Fernande Helene Heyndrickx [1908-2004]

9- John O’Sheridan [1940-Living] = Pauline Jessie van den Brink [1941-Living]


Kind regards and thank you



Monday 17th Feb 2020, 05:38AM

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  • Hi John, The two Baptisms are there as you said in St Peters Cof Ireland records, You can see the details of the records in "Irish Genealogy" Church records. No sign of the Marriage Im sorry to say. You say that John 1725 returned to Ireland and got married here. Was his Father Irish.  Best  searcher


    Monday 17th Feb 2020, 10:07PM
  • JohnYes all ancestors were Irish, they were followers of King James II when after his fall from power, he went in exhile in France. So this "French branch of the Sheridan's" went in and out of ireland many times. I could trace a lot in the Saint-Germain-en-Laye records as well as in what was written about the Irish Brigade in France and the Jacobite historical papers.

    We could find that it was stated that John's wife was Lady Ann Byrne, corroborated by their names in the two baptism records, but nothing came to light in the marriage registers, or in the manuscript sources at the Genealogical Office in Dublin, including the diocese of Dublin marriage Licence Bonds. Nothing either in the Index of the Freeman's journal. But all this research dated from 1978. I was hoping with more and more data being digitalise that it was worth trying again. Another possibility is that it was a mixed Catholic / Protestant marriage, celebrated in a Catholic Church. I know for sure, as all the others were that John must have been a Catholic when he came back to Ireland. I saw that there were a lot of Byrne recorded in your parish, so they might be a connection there. Have you any suggestion for me, thank you in advance.



    Tuesday 18th Feb 2020, 04:52AM
  • Sorry forgot to ask, you were saying that the 2 baptism records are available. Is it available online, so I can get a better copy. If yes can you send me a link? thanks again, John


    Tuesday 18th Feb 2020, 05:08AM
  • Hi John, The records for St. Peters are held by the Representative Church Body, Braemor Park Dublin  E mail address is " (prob. all lower case)  tel. Dublin 01 4923979. They tell me the have St, Peters records ,there is a charge. The record in "Irish Genealogy" is just the details , as the actual record is not digitised. as to sending you a link , I could prob.fix your broken computer but I never bothered finding how to send links.  If you just type "Irish Genealogy" you can get the Church records and Civil records.    I was thinking myself that it might be a mixed marriage, an ambitious young Lawyer would not get far being a Catholic at that time. The Irish National Archives holds records for registered Lawyers in Dublin,assuming he worked he would have to register. As to Anne , Id hate to have to count all the Anne Byrnes at any given time, but Lady Anne has possibilities. You can Look at the Catholic Church records in "NLI" church records Thats the National Library of Ireland. There are not too many that go back that far,but there are some. Im laughing to myself   me giving you advice Im onle half as far as you are except for my wifes records but I do enjoy the searching. You should look in " Irish Genealogy" as Annes Bapt. could be there, there are Annes at the right date. Best Searcher


    Tuesday 18th Feb 2020, 11:30AM
  • John , forgot to mention, the Baptism may give you Sponsors names which could open it up Best


    Tuesday 18th Feb 2020, 11:45AM
  • Thanks again for your time, I really appreciate and will keep you update if I have some luck, Cheers, John.



    Tuesday 18th Feb 2020, 02:20PM

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