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Good day,

My name is Beatrice Conner.  My father was Caffery Conner Jr. and we are direct descendants of Michael Conner who based on his marriage certificate here in the U.S. was born in 1763 In Castletown in Parish of___________ of Caxtouden Ireland.  His father Guillaume (William Conner) and his mother Rosa Byrnes were born in the same town as he states in the marriage certificate.  I have been trying to find information about his beginnings but have not been successful.

I was wondering if anyone could find any information about him or his parents or point me into a direction that might help me in my research as I am also planning on coming to Ireland in mid September 2023 and staying for three weeks especially to do some research.

Thanks for any assistance.  It is really appreciated.

Bea Conner

Bea Conner

Tuesday 4th Jul 2023, 08:12PM

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  • Hi Bea

    First you will want to establish what county you need to be looking at. 

    Can you screenshot the image of the marriage certificate that shows "In Castletown in Parish of___________ of Caxtouden Ireland"? and attach it to this thread?

    Rua, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘︎

    Friday 7th Jul 2023, 02:59AM
  • Attached Files

    Oh, yes.  Thank you!  Here it is in two languages.  French and translated by one of my distant cousins.

    Bea Conner

    Friday 7th Jul 2023, 02:53PM
  • Hi There


    On looking at the details there is nothing that indicates that the Castletown refers to either of the Castletown's in Co. Limerick.

    Quain, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Thursday 3rd Aug 2023, 09:56PM
  • Hi Bea

    The original record was a big help. Your ancestor was from Co. Carlow!


    Specifically the townland of Castletown near Kellistown.

    You are in VERY good stead to discover more!


    See map...…

    Rua, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘︎

    Sunday 6th Aug 2023, 12:25AM
  • Thank you Quain and Rua. I will be coming in late September to discover. 

    Bea Conner

    Monday 7th Aug 2023, 02:22AM
  • Good day Rua and Quain and Patricia.


    You all have been helpful.  I am in Ireland right now in Cobh but plan to be near and in Carlow Friday, September 22 and leaving Sunday, September 24.  I don't know if any of you are available to meet with me but I would love to meet you in person.  If not, I was wondering if you can let me know what parish or church I can go to while I am there to search for my ancestor Michael Conner.

    I would greatly appreciate any assistance.

    Bea Conner

    Tuesday 19th Sep 2023, 06:10PM
  • Hi Bea


    I would be no good to you as your ancestor comes from Co. Carlow and you want somebody local to the area. If you were in Limerick I would say no problem.

    Quain, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Wednesday 20th Sep 2023, 02:08PM
  • Thank you Quain.

    I have been touring the area with my partner and have found your country so beautiful and the people so friendly.




    Bea Conner

    Thursday 21st Sep 2023, 03:52PM
  • Hi Bea


    Sorry I only just got your message now. 

    I'm nowhere near Carlow unfortunately but I can send you Google Map links for the townland of Castletown near Kellistown if that helps? But perhaps you have found it already?

    Just south-east of Carlow town.

    Would love to hear how you get on. Do pop in to the local post office and pub and ask if they know who the local historian is that might be able to tell you about Castletown and what graveyard the people living they may have used. I'm sure you're bound to meet someone who knows someone with the answer! 🥰

    Rua, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘︎

    Friday 22nd Sep 2023, 09:31AM

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