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Can Anyone Help Solve The Riddle In The Middle Please

Margaret Moran is my paternal grandmother, She left Ireland & came to Glasgow between 1906 - 1911 with her husband William & children. 1901 Census & ( 1911 scotlands people record ) 

Margaret was married 12 Sept 1893 • The Parish Church, Donegal, Co Donegal 12 Sept 1893 • 

Her marriage certificate shows her father George Moran Clogher Clarcam ,

Her death certificate shows mother Elizabeth Arnold,

This is where i have found conflicting information. I cant find Margarets birth certificate. I have found records for George Moran & Elizabeth Ramsay Clarcam but cant find anything for Elizabeth Arnold, although somewhere there was a connection between Ramsay & Arnold family.

On ancestry all hints show Elizabeth Ramsay

my Ancestry is Shannon / Spence Family Tree - LINK BELOW…

Could this be the same person ? Elizabeth Arnold - Elizabeth Ramsay

I just cant find the connection to Elizabeth Arnold on her death certificate & dont want to go down the wrong route.

Thank you 



Friday 21st May 2021, 04:53AM

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  • I can't solve the riddle. Are you aware of siblings to Margaret?

    I don't know what year Margaret died but very likely the informant made a mistake with the maiden name especially since Elizabeth died way back in 1882.

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Friday 21st May 2021, 03:47PM
  • Good morning Roger, thanks once again for your help, I wondered if that was the case a mistake had been made with Margarets mothers name.  According to the records I have, Margaret died in 1914 age 39, born in 1875, however other records for Margaret with mother Elizabeth Ramsey show she was born in 1867 - 8 years of a difference, possible I know but I cant help getting the feeling there is more to the story of Elizabeth Arnold. 

    I shall keep plodding on for the moment & hopefully some concrete evidence will pop up along the way as to who Margarets mother was.




    Saturday 22nd May 2021, 05:09AM

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