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I am searching for any sources of info about Trory and Trory COI church around 1911-1911.  My Mother spent her teenage years there as the daughter of the Rector/Priest based there in that period. His name was Archibald McMaster Yair.   Any pointer to sources would be very helpful.



Sunday 30th Jul 2023, 09:16AM

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    There’s a link here to someone who has books listing the careers of some Church of Ireland Ministers. Trory is in the diocese of Clogher and looks to be covered. You might want to get in touch:

    I searched for Rev Yair in the 1901 & 1911 census but did not find him. Was he outside Ireland at that time perhaps?

    The Rectory for Trory appears to be in Thornhill Glebe. The Valuation revision records on the PRONI website show the incumbent as Rev Arthur Webb until 1913 (Valuation dates can be out by a year or two). He was replaced by Rev Arch’d Yair, who in turn was replaced by James Russell in 1923.

    Here’s the Rev Webb in Thornhill Glebe in April 1911, so Rev Yair must have arrived after that:…

    I think Yair was probably there from around 1913 to roughly 1923.

    Elwyn, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Sunday 30th Jul 2023, 12:23PM
  • I see a newspaper article that mentions Rev Yair’s move from Dulwich to Oxted in 1901.  Northern Whig of 27th Nov 1911 reports Rev Yair’s move from Gartree,  Co Antrim to Trory. Here's him and family in the 1911 census. The surname has been mistranscribed as Gair:…

    The Fermanagh Times of 28th April 1921 mentions him attending confirmations in Ballinamallard, and the Gloucester Journal of 3rd Sept 1921 reports him taking up a curacy in Tetford.  So looks like he left Ireland around Sept 1921.

    Fermanagh Times of 14th June 1917 also has an obituary for Major Samuel Paynter Musson in London. His wife was Louise Alice Yair, sister of Rev Archibald of Trory. Their father was said to be Archibald Yair of Muckamore House, Muckamore, Co Antrim.

    Elwyn, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Sunday 30th Jul 2023, 05:26PM
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    Hi Elwyn,

    so many thanks for your quick response and research efforts.  I think we are interlocked on this, 

    I also have a Crockfords entry, attached, which shows rev Yair's time in Antrim and then moving to Trory until 1921 when he returned to Cirencester, England.  My mother spent most of her teenage years in Trory so I would be keen to see where she spent happy days being pulled along in a dog cart courtesy of Bouncer her dog.  I assume they lived in the Glebe,  is that the large house opposite the filling station in Trory which I think you found in a census record?  Hoping to travel to Trory on 20th Aug staying in  Enniskillen till Friday,  if you are local would it be possible for me and my wife to meet you to  understand a bit about Trory life in modern times and maybe a bit of history.

    many thanks again,





    Monday 31st Jul 2023, 10:37AM
  • Richard,

    The property in Thornhill was at one time called Trory Glebe House. I think today it’s mostly called Thornhill House. As you say it is on the A32 near the filling station. It’s late 18th century and can apparently be visited by prior arrangement. See the link here:

    There were 4 houses in the townland, as you can see from the census but if your mother lived with the Rector then that must be Thornhill House.…

    I do know the area quite well as my wife went to school in Enniskillen and was brought up not too far away, but we live north of Belfast now so it’s a 2 hour drive.  We could probably meet you though either on the Monday or Tuesday of the week you are in the area. Possibly for lunch?



    Elwyn, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Monday 31st Jul 2023, 02:14PM
  • Hi Elwyn,

    thanks for the note.  Can you give me your address and contact no and I'll check if we can fit in a date to meet,  we will be returning via Belfast City airport so calling in to you on the way back might be feasible,  our flight is 17.00 on 25th August,  is that at all possible?

    many thanks for your help,



    Tuesday 1st Aug 2023, 03:13PM
  • Richard,

    Yes we could probably meet on 25th. I live near the town of Antrim so to get there from Enniskillen you would need to go via Omagh, Cookstown & Toome.  I can suggest somewhere for an early lunch if you like. Possibly the Boathouse in Antrim, down at the pier.

    Antrim to the City Airport takes about 30 minutes. Straight down the M2 motorway.

    Contact me on

    I am going to Shetland tomorrow and will be back 12th August.  So may not be in a position to reply till then.





    Elwyn, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Tuesday 1st Aug 2023, 05:43PM

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