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I have so very many clues that I am descended from the "castled"/ peered Dalys, including being a dna cousin to the great-grandchild of Denis St. George Daly. I know my Daly ancestor had money because the entire family came to America in cabin class in 1849.  James Daly (b ~ 1830)  isn't mentioned in any of the books, of course. That would make life too easy for me!  He was from Galway and my great uncle visited the area and said they came "from Oranmore". He left no other clues!

The reason I keep coming back to this is that James had a brother named Bernard. If you know Daly history, you take "Daly" "Galway" "Monied" and "Bernard" and you are looking in the peerage books. Also, Bernard is a Daly name that goes with Ballinrobe.  Another clue I have for looking in this direction is that James married the daughter of a "castled" Davies (intermarried with Blake) from Athenry, but they did that after they had moved to California. 

Since traditional research can't solve this, I hope that I can get my question answered by finding Daly dna. Because none of my closer Daly cousins are willing to submit DNA (there are very few left that I know about), I need to look further in order to get dna from someone else known to be a descendant of a peered Daly. (The family of the cousin I mentioned above had, at least once, married in to the Davies family, so I cannot tell which of the cousins we have in common might be Daly or might be Davies.)

I fugred it woudln't hurt to ask here. ... If anyone knows of a better place to ask, please let me know!



Wednesday 6th Jan 2021, 08:07AM

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  • Leslie,

    I have alot of information on the Daly family of Dunsandle (and related families). James is a very common name in the families. If you email me directly at I can fill you in on more detail

    Best wishes, Kieran Jordan

    Kieran Jordan, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Wednesday 6th Jan 2021, 12:31PM
  • Leslie, I have some Daly ancestory - would be happy to help with DNA. I have a 5th Great Grandmother Bridget Daly who married Walter Blake about 1741. I have Ancestry DNA results. 

    I have some DNA matches through their sone Xaverius Blake. David Lynch




    David Neil Lynch

    Wednesday 3rd Mar 2021, 10:25AM
  • Hello - I and my siblings and some cousins have Blake DNA - basically from the Towerhill, Co Mayo family but also linking to some of the others. Castle Daly was also owned by the Blakes at one stage. Also we have strong Lynch DNA connections as they intermarried with the Blakes down through the generations in both Mayo and Galway.  I'm on Ancestry also, Cahill family tree.  Let me know if I can help. Ann Cahill


    Tuesday 26th Jul 2022, 02:52PM

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