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I'm looking to connect with any members of the Gilmore & Lardner families of Lisheenkyle. 

I believe Tom Gilmore was from Glenascaul originally & married Margaret Lardner of Castle Lambert in 1904. 

A number of their children emigrated, including my grandfather Tommy Gilmore, who died in UK 1987. 

Just wondering if there are any relatives still in Athenry, Ruanes & Franey also as I would love to connect!


Sunday 23rd Jul 2023, 12:58PM

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  • Ann D.

    I located the 1911 census record for the Thomas Gilmore family in Lisheenkyle West. There were two elderly Lardner relatives with the family.

    I located the July 1955 death record for Thomas Gilmore. He was listed as married. Informant was daughter Delia Neaney from the Oranmore area.

    I tried to find a death record for Margaret Gilmore with no success. Death records are only online thru 1972. Possibly she died after 1972 or her death was not registered.

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Sunday 23rd Jul 2023, 03:53PM
  • Thanks Roger, 

    Margaret died in 1971, I have a copy of the record, just hoping to find living relatives this time!!

    From what I can make out, some of Tommy's siblings children stayed in Galway / Ireland, here is what I know...

    Norah (m. Griffin - Massachusetts) 

    James (Massachusetts)

    Patrick (Stayed in Ire?)

    Ellen (m. Donlon - Washington D.C)

    Bridget (Delia) (m. Freeney - Mountain West, Oranmore)

    Maureen (m. Walsh - Newcastle, UK)

    Sabina (m. Ruane - Athenry)

    Michael (Massachusetts)

    John (Stayed in Ire?)

    And Tommy emigrated abt 1957 to UK


    Other family names that I'm also interested in the Oranmore/Athenry area or relatives of same are of course Lardner, Heavey & Rooney. 







    Sunday 23rd Jul 2023, 04:08PM
  • Ann:

    I don't believe we have any volunteers in the Athenry area.

    I looked for an Athenry Genealogy Facebook page and found this site  You may want to send an e-mail to the address provided.

    I did not think Neaney was correct and now can clearly see Freaney.

    Have you considered DNA testing?


    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Sunday 23rd Jul 2023, 05:14PM
  • I have indeed Roger, I tested through Ancesrty and have also uploaded to Gedmatch & MH. 

    I've had no joy with close matches to date, but some in USA from further up the Gilmore line. 

    Hoping there might still be some descendants of this family in Galway. 




    Sunday 23rd Jul 2023, 08:24PM

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