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1893 - Sarah Laffey

1894 - Margaret Forde, Bridget E Griffin, Anne Rowan

1896 - Maggie Ruane, Maria Connellan, Bridget Kilkenny, Norah higgins, Catherine Rowan

1897 - Bridget Laffy

1898 - Mary Barry, Katie Ruane, Lizzie Hession, Bridget Rowan, Delia Silke

1899 - Mary A Kilkenny, Annie T Griffin, Sarah Walsh, Delia Scarry, Katie Barry, Tessie Forde, Bridget Glynn

1900 - Catherine Glynn, Ellen Silke, Mary Mannin, Elixa Kelly, Mary Moran, Bridget Moran

1901 - Catherine Tuohy, Ellie Connor, Julia Kilkenny, Delia Walsh, Annie Larkin, Honor Glynn, Maria Ruane, Mary Silke

1902 - Katie Walsh, Norah Burke

1904 - Mary Flannery, Julia Glynn, Delia Ruane, honor Glynn, Julia Moran

1905 - Willine flannery, Bridget Flannery, Una Flannery, Delia Monaghan, Mary Monaghan, Mary M Murphy, Mary Burns.

1906 Margaret Moran, Delia Barry, Katie Murphy, Delia Burns, Mary Curley, Annie Kelly, Ellie Blade, Eileen Scarry

1907 - Mary Scarry, Norah Glynn

1908 - Julia Glynn

1909 - Annie Ruane, Julia Silke , Katie Crehan

1910- Maraget Ruane, Rosanne Brady, Mary Anne Connor, Brigid Connor, Eileen Burns, Sarah Scarry, Mary Brady,    Mary Kenny, Annie Glynn

1911 - Tessie Murphy, Margaret Flannery, Mary Doyle

1912 - Annie Barry, Mary Ruane, Annie Burns, Maria Ruane, Mary Silke, Mary Flannery, Margaret Ruane, Deilia Burns

1913 - Margaret Brady, Mary Griffin

1914 - Roswanne Dempsey, Teresa Ruane, Mary Ruane, Lizzie A Murphy, Margaret Connallen

1915 - Julia Egan, Mary B Reynolds, Annie Scarry

1916 - Brigid Griffin

1917 - Nora Duffy, Annie Morrow, Mary Ruane, Nora Ruane

1918 - Rose Ruane, Kate Griffin, Lily Keogh

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