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Hello to everyone in Aughrim This is the family home of my ancestors, Michael and Catherine (great great grandparents), Patrick and Mary (great grandparents) and Martin and Jane/Joanna (grandparents). My father was born in 1912 and had a sister and brother, Mary Anne, born 1914 and Martin Anthony, born 1915.  My grandmother died in 1918 when I believe my grandfather Martin was in the army. So who looked after my father and his siblings from 1916 onwards?  Grandfather Martin had seven brothers and sisters and I have traced them all in the 1911 census, apart from Kate, born Aughrim 27/10/1887 and John, born Aughrim 29/7/1889. I can't find any marriage info for either of these and it's possible they may have moved away from Galway or emigrated. My cousin thinks my great aunt Mary Anne (born Aughrim 27/3/1893) may have looked after our parents, but again, I can't find any details of marriage for her either. These are the three ancestors that I am trying to trace (marriages or deaths or anything else) and any help anybody can give me would be very much appreciated. With thanks from Graham DOLAN (grahamD).




Graham Dolan

Thursday 17th Aug 2017, 08:21PM

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  • Graham:

    Welcome to Ireland Reaching Out!

    I tried to find a civil death record for Mary Dolan, your great-grandmother since I thought possibly that she may have looked after your father and his siblings until your grandfather came back from the war. No luck with a good death record and also did not find a marriage record for Mary Anne. I assume you are using when you are searching for death and marriage records.

    Roger McDonnell 




    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Thursday 17th Aug 2017, 10:52PM
  • Roger:

    Many thanks for trying to help me trace Mary Anne Dolan.

    Yes, I have been using the irishgenealogy site and have found it extremely helpful.

    My great grandmother Mary could have looked after my father and my aunt and uncle. I'm fairly sure she died at Brakenagh? Ballinasloe, 21/3/1927, at her son Stephens' house. My grandmother Jane died at her parents home in Kiltormer in 1918, so it's possible that the young family were staying there. I suppose its also possibe that Mary Anne was not married at the time and I will not get to know who was living where, after 1911, until the publication of the next Irish Census. Do you know when this will be?

    Meantime, will keep trying. Are there any other sites you think might help? I am a member of MyHeritage but, so far, have not found it very useful.

    Once again thankyou for your very prompt response.

    Best regards. GrahamD.



    Graham Dolan

    Saturday 19th Aug 2017, 05:43PM
  • Hi Graham,

    John Dolan appears on UK army records available on FOLD3:

    Name: John Dolan

    Age: 18

    Birth Date: abt 1887

    Birth Place: Aughrim, Galway, Ireland

    Service Start Year: 1905

    Regiment: The Connaught Rangers

    Regimental Number: 8493

    Attestation Paper: y




    Gerard, Parish Liaison Lackagh

    Sunday 20th Aug 2017, 12:51PM
  • Graham:

    The next Irish census is the 1926 census. It will be released in early 1927 unless new legislation is passed moving up the release date.


    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Monday 21st Aug 2017, 01:58PM
  • Gerard

    Irish civil records give John Dolan's birth date as 29/7/1889, so he would be barely 16 when joining up. Was that possible?   Another possibility is that he lied about his age - I think that was quite common in the early 20th C. My mother did it in the 1930's!

    I am encouraged by this however, as my grandfather (John's brother) also joined the Connaught Rangers in Athlone in 1916. Thank you so much, I will look into it further.  


    Many thanks for the next census publication date.

    Best regards 







    Graham Dolan

    Monday 21st Aug 2017, 05:41PM
  • Hi Graham

    I have family from Aughrim too and while I cannot help you find the Dolans, I found these sites useful when trying to find information on my relatives who fought in world war 1. and  Unfortunately for us a lot of records were moved from Ireland to London after the Free State was set up. These were bombed and destroyed by fire in the second world war. That being said I found my great great uncle so there is still hope.  The guys on the forum couldn't have been more helpful to me.   Might be worth a shot for you :-)  All those who served for long enough got medals.    

    I also found while researching my relatives (MCGanns/Glynns/Callaghans) was that many of those who joined in 1916 were with the Royal Irish Constabulary so that may be another avenue to check into. 

    Good luck :-) 






    Monday 21st Aug 2017, 06:32PM


    Many thanks for the advice.

    I have most of my grandfather's service record from via my local library, but I still can't identify John Dolan using the birth record I have or service number suggested by Gerard.

    I will try the Rangers Assoc. and the forum you suggested. 

    I am much indebted and thankful for all the replies I have had so far.

    Best regards.





    Graham Dolan

    Friday 25th Aug 2017, 08:02PM
  • This is pretty cool, I'll follow up often!


    Friday 31st Dec 2021, 09:22AM
  • Thank you great uncle and two aunts


    Wednesday 27th Jul 2022, 06:25AM

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