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I am still working on it but thanks to this site, I am making huge headway in my bid to trace our family tree.  My grandfather (whom I adored) was Michael Callaghan and his grandmother  was one of the Loughnanes.  Anyway her sister married one of the Kelly's  and hence we are distantly related to the Kelly's of the Aughrim Ceili band.   

Martin Loughnane and Bridget Loughnane (nee Leonard) had five children one being my great grandmother Bridget.  Her sister married Paddy Kelly from the band on the front page of his aughrim parish :-) 


Bridget married Patrick Callahan - he died in 1918 just like her mam did.


Bridget died in 1936.  They had four children.


Mary Ann born 1902 married Slyvester Curley   (I dont know anything about these people yet.) 


Catherine - known as Katie born in 1903 married Don Poland - had three children - Frank, Maura and Don. 


Aggie  married Joe Cormican and they had six children. One of whom I know better than the rest - she is Maeve Fahy who had ten children.  


Michael Callaghan - born 1911 married Annie McGann (Monivea) and had two children  Colm and Deena.    Both had three children - Colm three boys and Deena three girls.  At some point Michael became OCallaghan which caused some confusion finding graves etc lol 


 Colm is still alive and well.   


Deena was my mother and she died in 2009. 



This story is from my uncle: 


Bridget,s sister was married to Paddy Kelly who was a famous fiddler with the renowned Aughrim  Slopes Ceili Band  of the 40s  and 50s.
I remember Paddy calling to Chapelizod and Dad got me to play a tune on the fiddle. Paddy informed Dad in a nice way that I would never make a fiddler.  He was right.
Another sister married a Josie  O Halloran who was a famous teacher in the Ballinasloe area. They had no children I think. A third sister was married to (name escapes me).


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