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My Irish brickwall relates to my husband's tree on Ancestry who give a DNA location pinpointing Eyrecourt.  This area might give a clue to the area of his grandmother Ellen maiden name unknown.  Ellen born c1833 Ireland appears on the 1861 Census Record for England living as a 'boarder' in Burslem, Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire.  Also living with her is her Son aged 10 years also born Ireland.  The record states that her surname is Bambury and is married.  On a later census for her son George Bambury the place of birth is listed as Castlebay Barracks, Ireland.  I think this could be Castlebar Barracks because George on his marriage certificate gives his father's name as George Bambury.  I had a breakthrough recently after many years investigating all the possibilities as to why George jnr was born in a barracksand I managed to come to the conclusion, aided by genealogy and dna matches on Ancestry, and army records tying in why George jnr was born at Castlebar Barracks, that George snr was in the army at the time his son was born.  So was Ellen married to George and what was her maiden name?  She would have been very young and why did she choose to live in Staffordshire?  Who did she travel with and when did she leave Ireland with her young son George who would have been born c1851?  Any help welcome.  Andrea 


Friday 23rd Apr 2021, 12:37PM

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  • Andrea,

    I looked at the 1861 census and it indicates Ellen was married at the time. If this is correct, then perhaps her husband George was serving in the army somewhere.

    Sometimes boarders were actually relatives. I'd like to suggest, if you haven't done this, to trace the family that Ellen was boarding with. Maybe they are her relatives--or her husband's.

    Also don't rule out that her maiden name could have been Bambury too.

    I hope this is helpful. Good luck.


    Saturday 24th Apr 2021, 04:07PM
  • Andrea,
    Just in case you haven't seen this RootsIreland transcription: George Bambry, Soldier, of Castlerea married Brigid Scanlon of Castlerea on 13 Sept 1847 in Killeevan Church of Ireland in Co. Roscommon. Perhaps George married twice?


    Saturday 24th Apr 2021, 04:17PM
  • Thank you for your suggests. I did try to research the family Ellen was boarding with but didn’t get very far maybe time to revisit. I have seen the Rootsireland transcription and thought that George could have been married before. I also found a baptism record for a Michael Bambury born c1850 to a George Bambury and Ellen McOwen in Ballylongford. Is this my George? Is this my Ellen? I don’t know where to go from here? Any suggestions? Andrea


    Monday 26th Apr 2021, 10:38AM
  • Hi Andrea,

    It's not clear whether George jr. was born in CastleBAR (Mayo) or CastleREA (Roscommon) barracks.

    You've probably done this, but just in case...Have you traced from your husband backward to George Sr./Jr.? Have you looked at all the relevant census records, church documents, vital records, headstones, military records, interment lists, death notices, probate records, etc.? These records may hold clues.

    Good luck!


    Monday 26th Apr 2021, 09:42PM
  • Thank you for taking the time to reply to my post and suggestions. 


    Wednesday 28th Apr 2021, 02:07PM

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