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John Mulry, my great grandfather, was Baptized on 25 September, 1833 in Tuam, Galway, Diocese: Tuam. Father: Michael Mulry/Mother: Bridget Geraughty.

My great grandmother Sarah J. Donnelly (Donalan) born abt 1835 in Galway. She married John Mulry (Mulharay) on 20 January 1858 in Lusmagh, Diocese: Clonfert.

Witness: Patt and Bridget Mulharay.

They immigrated to New York somewhere between 1858 and 1860. John died in New York 18 Nov 1879. 

I would love to find out who their family was. I drove 700 miles to Salt Lake City, Utah to the Morman church thinking that I might find something about them but I found nothng. Could anyone help me?



Friday 23rd Dec 2022, 06:02PM

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  • --I would love to find out who their family was.-- Hi, Can you be more specific? Are you looking for info about John and Sarah's children? Their siblings? Information about THEIR parents? Thank you.


    Friday 23rd Dec 2022, 10:02PM
  • I would like to find John Mulry's Parents and Siblings. Also Sarah Donnelly. The only thing that I know about Sarah is her marriage record with my great grandfather.


    Sunday 25th Dec 2022, 04:05AM
  • John and Sarah moved to New York after they married. (1858-60). They had 7 children, only two lived. I would like to know more about where and who they (John-Sarah descended from). Thank you, Marilyn


    Sunday 25th Dec 2022, 04:10AM
  • --RootsIreland gives the following baptism. I can't say for sure, though, that it is your Sarah. Her marriage place is quite a distance from the parish of baptism, which gives me pause.

    Sarah Danally
    Baptism: 06-Dec-1831
    Parents: William Danally, Mary Molloy
    Michael Hynes, Bridget Holleran


    Monday 26th Dec 2022, 01:34PM
  • Thank you for the information. I hope that she is my grandmother. How far is it from Clonfert where they were married. That is the most information that I have been able to gather. From what I gather from my Mom's family who are all gone now, she was one strong lady.


    Wednesday 28th Dec 2022, 02:30AM
  • Hi Marilyn

    It may help to give the children's names. On the births what profession was listed for John?


    Lackagh, Turloughmore, Co Galway

    Friday 14th Apr 2023, 07:38PM

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