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We have been researching my husbands family tree and came across his Grandfather Bartholomew Maloney born in 1887.

We know from having his marriage certificate and death certificate that he came to live in St Helens, Lancashire, England where he married in 1922 in St Ann's and Blessed Dominic Church in Sutton, St Helens, Lancashire, England and died in 1968. After that we started to struggle to find any further information. 

We know from his marriage certificate that his Father's name was John Francis Maloney c1866 and his Mother was Norah c1869 but we had no maiden name for her and it's been difficult to find them.We have researched Irish Ancestry sites and didn't have much to go on but things seem to point us in the direction of America.

We started to look on the American Ancestry sites and came across a John Francis Maloney c1866 and a Honora Agnes Tighe c1869 from Kilcolumb, Co Galway who married in Boston Massachusetts in 1895 and wondered if they emigrated to America??

We found a birth record for Bartholomew Maloney in Boston Massachusetts in 1887 with parents named John Francis Maloney and Honora Agnes Tighe both parents coming from Co Galway, Ireland. 

We know from church records that Bartholomew Maloney had a sister called Margaret A Maloney 1900-1940 who also came to live, marry and died in St Helens, Lancashire, England. We also found a birth record for Margaret Ann Maloney in Boston Massachusetts in 1900 with parents John Francis Maloney and Honora Agnes Tighe ,we presume this is the family we have been looking for ??.

Researching John Francis Maloney we think it's possible he came from Gortnadeeve, East Creggs, Co Galway, Ireland as we found his name along with 3 of his children Bartholomew, Margaret and John b1903 living with a Michael Maloney b1863 who we presume is his brother in the 1911 Irish Census in Gortnadeeve. We think his father could be Bernard Maloney 1840-1901? and his Mother Mary Maloney (née Cain) 1840-? there was also a Mary Maloney living alone in Gortnadeeve East Creggs Co Galway Ireland in the 1901 Irish Census could this have been their Mother??

If Honora Agnes Tighe was the Mother of Bartholomew Maloney her parents were Michael Tighe c1840-1903?? possibly lived in Curraghmulmurry in 1901 and her Mother Honora Kegan b1834-1881? from Glennamaddy Co Galway. 

We know it is a long shot but we would be  extremely grateful if there is anyone who can help us shed any light on information regarding our family. 



Friday 8th Dec 2023, 09:07PM

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  • Hi, Mmmm. 
    you say.............
    We know from church records that Bartholomew Maloney had a sister called Margaret A Maloney 1900-1940 who also came to live, marry and died in St Helens, Lancashire, England. 
    Married to........... please state name if your Margaret has passed on.

    What I found............
    The Bartholomew Maloney who was in Boston was alive in 1950, never married and was unable to work. 
    Another Bartholomew came from County Clare and settled in Illinois, USA.

    I have found a match for your Bartholomew, I would like to have the Margaret Ann information first please.

    I did notice in an Ancestry 1939 (Rations list)  record his birth was given as 24th August 98, being 1898, no birth found for that year or 1887.
    Checking other places now.


    Sunday 10th Dec 2023, 09:46AM
  • Hi Margot 

    Thank you for your reply.

    We know that his sister Margaret Ann Maloney married a Francis Grimes in 1936 as we have seen the marriage ledger in the church it states her parents were John Francis and Norah Maloney, she died in 1940 and is buried in St Ann's and Blessed Dominic Church in Sutton, St Helens, Lancashire. We have also seen that she is named on the 1939 England and Wales Census with her husband Francis Grimes.

    The Bartholomew Maloney you found in Boston isn't our Bartholomew Maloney as he was married to a Mary Jane Hill in 1922 and subsequently had a child who was my husbands Father in 1923, he also married again in 1938 and had another child Francis Maloney. We have seen marriage records and he is on the 1939 Census of England and Wales with his 2nd wife Jane Grimes who was married prior to that to a Robert Grimes (brother of Francis Grimes who was Margaret Ann Maloney's husband).

    I have never thought to look at the rations list and we have never been able to see a birth record in England or Ireland either. I even applied for a birth certificate for him from our local registrar office but there isn't one, we did however get a death certificate for him which states he was 71 years of age when he passed away in St Helens, Lancashire so that would mean he was born in 1897. The dates for his birth year do seem to vary depending on what sites you search on, but from his death certificate we presume him to have been born in 1897.

    We hope that this will be of help to you.




    Sunday 10th Dec 2023, 11:02AM
  • Hi, thanks for replying.  I thought I would check for a reply before I nip out.
    This is the record I found......... it may not be yours, it's the only one that is near the birth year with a Mother Honora, Nora etc.
    National Archives: Census of Ireland 1911
    This is in Listowel County Kerry.

    I knew the USA Bartholomew wasn't yours.  

    I will be back soon.



    Sunday 10th Dec 2023, 01:47PM
  • Do you know anyone with the surname Buckley?


    Sunday 10th Dec 2023, 03:08PM
  • Hi Margot 

    We don't think that the Bartholomew Maloney in the 1901 census is our Bartholomew and there is no mention of his sister Margaret in the Census and she would have been 1 year old at that time.

    I don't personally know anyone with the surname Buckley but I did message a John Buckley on Ancestry awhile ago as I thought he was researching the same family as ours. It turned out he said he was researching for his daughter in laws family and our family had no relevance, I did give him some information about Bartholomew Maloney and think he just did his own research to try to help us so that proved to be a dead end.

    It's proving to be quite difficult and we thought the American connections could possibly be the way we needed to go, with John Francis Maloney Bartholomews Father.

    Look forward to hearing from you soon 



    Sunday 10th Dec 2023, 05:42PM
  • That's why I asked about the Buckley name, 
    If you are still a member of Ancestry have a look at his tree. He has every name you have mentioned. 
    It did say that John Francis married in Dublin, I cannot find the marriage.
    You may need to join "Scotland's People" I have been to the Library in Edinburgh and births and deaths as so detailed they even have the time on them.

    I looked for Margaret no results in Ireland.

    My husbands Grandfather spoke with an Irish accent, I couldn't find him or his siblings. He was born in Glasgow and went to Ireland when he was 4 years old with the family. So you never know.

    I hope you get results.



    Monday 11th Dec 2023, 10:10AM
  • I have seen the family tree of John Buckley and thought it was what I was looking for but when I contacted him he said  it wasn't connected! I think he did some research with the information I gave him so maybe that's still added to his details, it's all so confusing.

    We know bits from Bartholomew Maloneys later life but not where he originated from before he came to England. We have no information regarding his parents origins, other than their Christian names and wouldn't have known those only for Bartholomews marriage certificate so really don't know where to start on them either.

    I have been on the Family Search website it's an American Ancestry site and I found information that I thought was relevant as it has lots of the names and dates I'm researching. On the Massachusetts, US, Town and Vital Records I found marriage records and on there is records of John Francis Maloney and Honora Agnes Tighe originating from Galway, Ireland and thought it could be possible it was them.

    Also on the Massachusetts birth records is a Bartholomew Maloney born in 1887 with the same named parents and a Margaret Ann Maloney 1900  who also has the same named parents. There is also a Michael Francis Maloney  a William Raymond Maloney and a John Maloney all of whom have same parents. There is also a Massachusetts US Death Records 1841-1915 and there is a Honora Agnes Tighe who died in 1908 whose husband is named as John Francis Maloney, it all seems to much of a coincidence?? Also the son William died as a baby and the same parents are on his death certificate?? 

    After that I found John Maloney on the 1911 census in Gortnadeeve East Creggs, Co Galway with 3 children, one being Bartly (possibly short for Bartholomew)the other Margaret and a John is this also to much of a coincidence?? It states John was a widow and the children were born in America??

    So many questions and researching and I don't seem to have the answers unless I can assume it was them in America and later on in Ireland after Norah died?? 

    My late Father In Law talked about going to Ireland for a short while staying with family on a farm possibly 1935/36 he'd have been about 12. Unfortunately he's passed away now and there's just nobody left to ask, I've got so far and now I've hit a wall and don't know how to get round it.

    I'll keep at it and hopefully one day....


    Monday 11th Dec 2023, 07:44PM

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