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Hi I'm trying to find out information about the parents of my great grandfather Peter Haverty, he was a member of the D.M.P. he joined in 1890 aged 25 1/2 giving his occupation as Farm,he died in 1936 as my grandad has also passed away i am lost as to where to start, i should be grateful for any help.  Thanking you

Wednesday 5th Aug 2015, 08:22AM

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  • This looks like your Peter Haverty in the 1911 census:

    I looked for him in the 1901, and all I could find was this entry:

    Police Officers were generally listed by their initials only, and often gave their occupations as farmers or farmer’s sons (which many were).  The age isn’t quite right and the place of birth was Roscommon, so not sure.

    Jim Herlihy has published a book on the career histories all DMP staff, but you are probably aware of that.

    What looks to be Peter’s marriage to Margaret Donnelly was registered in Dublin South Oct – Dec 1904, Vol 2, page 725. That should give you his father’s name and (real) occupation. You can order a photocopy of the certificate from GRO Roscommon for €4 (euros).

    You have to download and print off the form. Then either post or fax it back to them. You can’t e-mail it to them. However if you want them to e-mail the cert to back to you, they will do that, so tick the relevant box.

    Put the reference details on the form (anywhere). Don’t worry about leaving some boxes blank. As long as GRO have the location, name(s), year, quarter (where there is one), volume and page number they should find it.

    Elwyn, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Wednesday 5th Aug 2015, 09:28AM
  • Siobhan

    just in case you are not aware the Garda (Police) have a museum and website, two of which seem to be linked someway.

    I emailed a query to them about an incident in 1924 and got a reply within hours. There are also some DMP annual reports on the site but an email may give you some more information or indicate where to look for more information. and



    St Peters Louth, IrelandXO Volunteer

    Thursday 6th Aug 2015, 10:52PM
  • Thanks  Pat 

    I contacted the Garda museum and got a copy of his details, its his parents that has me stumped, he seems to have had his birth reg in Glenamaddy, but i can find no info re parents, how he ended up in Kilchreest i dont know. I cant find anything in the NLI church reg for his baptisim. If youhave any suggestions i would be most greatful, its turning me grey lol



    Saturday 22nd Aug 2015, 03:12PM
  • Hi elwyn

    Thanks for your advise, yes 1901+1911 census is my Great Grandad, but his Police registration say he came from Kilchreest, but the only birth i can find is for Glenamaddy, and as mothers name was not noted on certs till later its difficult. I cant find any baptimal reg on the NLI site. Anymore advise i would be greatiful for


    Siobhan Haverty

    Saturday 22nd Aug 2015, 03:21PM
  • Hi Siobhan,

    Just saw your query about Peter Haverty and a mention of Kilchreest .My father born in Kilchreest in 1895. joined the RIC in 1915 , lived in Belfast & eventually Galway and died in 1965 . As far as I know there were only 2 Haverty families in Ballynacurra in the 19th Century. Peter is not a name in my fathers siblings . The 2 families were related 

    If you are interested in making contact and discussing the Haverty geneology please contact me initially thru this site.

    Happy New Year 2016,

    Eamonn Haverty - Galway City.


    Thursday 31st Dec 2015, 10:20PM
  • Hi eamonn

    I have replied a number of times but they dont seem to post. I should be greatful if you can give me any further info re my great grandad peter haverty. You can email me if its easier on

    I look forward to hearing from you




    Wednesday 20th Jan 2016, 06:48PM
  • Eamonn - I have numerous Haverty's in my family tree from Kilchreest. I have Mary "Mamie" Haverty bn. abt.1843 who married my GGGUncle Sean Ward bn. abt 1825 both of them from Ballacurra, kilchreest. I also have a Mary Kate "Mamie" Haverty bn. 26 May 1913 who married Jack Ward. I have Mary listed as Godmother to my GGGUncle John Ward bn. 12 Feb.1863. Please to meet you Cousin-James J. Ward III

    Friday 12th Aug 2016, 04:58PM
  • Hi

    Its been a while but back to Peter Haverty, I have a copy of his marraige cert  dated 11th Oct 1904 when he married in Chapelizod Dublin. His father is listed as Martin Haverty (Farmer). Peter was of "Full Age" I take it he was over 21. It does not state that his father is dead, but the only Martin I can find is aged only 22, maybe a brother. I have used NLI parish records, but to no avail.

    Thanks for your help

    Siobhan Haverty

    Wednesday 27th Dec 2017, 07:33PM

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