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Hello, I’m hoping to get some help finding death/burial records for my 3rd great grandfather, Patrick Loughnan(e) as well as his son, also named Patrick. Here’s what I know:

My 3rd great grandmother Bridget Finnerty was born/baptized 21 Nov 1837 in Loughrea to parents Owen Finnerty & Judith Dolphin.

Bridget Finnerty married Patrick Loughnan(e) on 17 Jan 1859 in Killeenadeema. They had son Patrick born on 11 Feb 1861 also in Killeenadeema. Bridget became pregnant with second son, but her husband Patrick died before the baby was born. Bridget had the baby in Dec 1863; she then re-married Thomas Connelly on 25 Jan 1864 in Loughrea; and they then baptized the baby on 2 Feb 1864 in Loughrea, naming him Thomas James Connelly. They lived on Galway Road in Tuam, where Bridget gave birth to six additional children, most or all of the children immigrating to the US.

I found two possible death records for Patrick Loughnan(e):

  • A Patritius Loughlnan died 30 Aug 1863 in St Mary’s, Athlone parish. Could that be Bridget’s husband? The timing seems right. I found this index record on (Ireland, Selections of Catholic Parish Deaths, 1756-1881). Where can I find the actual death or burial record? Is there a RC church I can contact?
  • A Patrick Loughnane, age 5, died 1864, in Reg district Tuam, Vo 9, Page 356. I found this index record on (Ireland, Civil Registration Deaths Index, 1864-1958). I filled out a form to order this record, but I haven’t gotten confirmation of the request yet. Is it available elsewhere? I’m curious if this is Bridget’s son. She & Thomas were living in Tuam at that time. However, when Bridget’s son, Thomas J Connelly immigrated to the US in 1883, he traveled with a Patrick Connelly who was 3 yrs older. I’m wondering if that was Patrick Loughnane Jr. or a cousin? So I’m interested to see what this death record might show.

Thank you in advance for any help you can give. I’m fairly new to searching Irish records, so any leads or guidance will be super helpful. -dawn


Monday 22nd May 2023, 08:53PM

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  • Dawn:

    The Patrick Loughnane who died at age 5 in 1864 was the son of Martin Loughnane from Monivea. Source subscription site Roots Ireland.

    The St. Mary's Athlone Co. Westmeath parish register available online on the NLI site does not included deaths after 1827  You may need to contact the church. I think it unlikely that this record is for your Patrick Loughnane.

    Roger McDonnell


    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Monday 22nd May 2023, 09:31PM
  • Hello Roger,

    Thank you so much for your quick reply. It is great to learn that Patrick Jr. didn't die as a young boy! In your opinion, would it have been likely that Bridget's second husband, Thomas Connelly, would have given Patrick his last name? If so, it's highly likely that he, too, immigrated to the US. I’ll research that on my end.

    Regarding Bridget's husband Patrick Loughnan, I can find only one other possible death record within 100 miles of Killeenadema, and that Patrick Loughnan died in 1867 (after his second son was born) in Ballinasloe. He was born 1845, which would have made him only 14 at marriage. Hopefully not! I’ll reach out to the church in St Mary’s parish. Do you have any other places you’d recommend I search? 

    I also found a birth record that I thought might be Bridget's husband, Patrick: a Patrick Loughnane was born to Patrick Loughnane and Elizabeth Green. He was baptized 9 Dec 1834 in New Inn Parish along with his sister, Jane. Jane’s sponsor was Margaret Loughnane; Patrick’s sponsor was Margaret Cannon. I wondered if that be him?

    I’m also attaching Thomas Connelly’s baptism record in Loughrea, which I’m pretty sure says that his father Patrick died while Bridget was pregnant.

    Thanks again. Dawn


    Monday 22nd May 2023, 09:58PM
  • Dawn:

    Civil registration of deaths started in 1864. Before 1864 only a few RC parishes maintained death information so there is a very high likelihood that there is no church death record available for your Patrick Loughnan(e).

    Without knowing Patrick Loughnane's parents names, there is no way of knowing if his baptismal record is available. He may have been baptized in a parish that does not have records back to the 1830s.

    Have you tested your DNA?


    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Monday 22nd May 2023, 10:54PM
  • Hi Roger, Yes I have tested my DNA both on Ancestry and 23&Me. I regularly reach out to DNA matches, but I've found very few who live in Ireland. Looking at the map on 23&Me, I do have one match in County Leitrim. I'll reach out to him! He lists several family surnames but none match mine. He lists Drumkeeran & Drumshanbo as the towns his two sets of grandparents come from. 

    Thanks again, dawn


    Monday 22nd May 2023, 11:18PM

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