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Farmers, naturalists, acclaimed poet and more come together to celebrate the Burren in Bloom

Burren in Bloom

The annual arrival of the Burren’s world famous wildflowers is truly spectacular - the Burrenbeo Trust’s Burren in Bloom festival is a celebration of this, opening the magic of this landscape to all.

Next week is the annual Burren in Bloom Festival; running from 19th May to the 4th June with the majority of events on the weekend of the 19th May, Burren in Bloom 2017 will focus on the strong link that the unique farming traditions of the Burren have with the abundant biodiversity of this region. Each year, farmers in the Burren send their cattle up into the high Burren to their ‘winterage’, in doing so they are grazing back the previous season’s growth, the dominant herbs and grasses and continuously fertilizing the land throughout the dormant season.  All of this has a key and unique ecological output – a floral orchestra that makes the Burren world famous. In order to celebrate this, Burren in Bloom is a learning festival which will feature a wide variety of events including walks, talks and demonstrations from local farmers, ecologists and more.

Organised by the Burrenbeo Trust the events are sure to enhance your appreciation of the unique and beautiful Burren landscape. ‘The Burren is truly incredible at this time of the year, with a carpet of wild flowers that is second to none in the country.  In addition to this unmissable display the fascinating story of the region and its heritage is really worth learning about.  Who better to tell this story than the landowners whose families have lived and farmed here for generations as well as botanists, arborists, herbalists and even a nationally acclaimed poet.  There is something for everyone and everyone has something to input into this wonderful festival' says Richard Morrison, Burrenbeo Trust Director and festival coordinator.

With events on topics ranging from meadow blooms to foraging, poetry to astronomy, bird watching to kiddies beach fun there is plenty to attract a wide range of people that wish to know more about this intriguing phenomenon. Some key names involved are internationally acclaimed poet Michael Longley, arborist Thomas Pakenham from Tullynally Castle, herbalist Dr Dilis Claire and many more.

The Burren in Bloom Festival is coordinated by the Burrenbeo Trust a landscape charity dedicated to connecting all of us to our places and our role in caring for them. For more information on the event go to

For further information, interviews or images please contact Áine Bird, Burrenbeo Trust Communications Officer,, 091 638096.