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My 2x great grandmother Mary Ann LALLY and her sister, Margaret, came from Loughrea to Australia as part of the Irish Orphan scheme in 1849.  Ten years later, in 1859, their brother John also migrated to Australia.  According to various documents - where the information was supplied by the girls - their parents were Martin and Eliza and both deceased.

It seems that Mary Anne and Margaret were in the Workhouse prior to coming to Australia but I have no information on any other possible surviving siblings or on their parents.  If these names ring a bell with anyone, please let me know.

Also, I am planning a trip to Britain and Ireland in July-August 2013 and hope to take in a short stay in Loughrea.  Can anyone recommend places for me to visit that might assist my research?

Many thanks.


Saturday 12th May 2012, 12:56AM

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  • Hello Ripely.

    If you have their birth dates, you might want to visit St. Brendan's Cathedral's office.  They have copies of all of the old church records.  I would suggest to hunt for the 3 children's baptism records.  If they were Catholic, then their baptisms would be on file there. 


    Thank you,

    Mary Van Dyke





    Sunday 13th May 2012, 02:46PM
  • Thanks Mary.  I just "googled" the cathedral and note that it was built in the late 1800s - too late for the baptism etc of the people I am looking for - or does the cathedral hold records going further back?  It woulod be wonderful if it did.


    Monday 14th May 2012, 09:13AM
  • Yes, the records go back to about 1820's.  There is another Catholic Church in Loughrea, St. Mary's Abbey, run by the Carmelite Friars.  The old Abbey Ruins were built in the 1600's.  I don't know when the newer Abbey Church was built, but it is still in use today.

    St. Brendan's parish office holds all of the old records.  I've ordered the microfilm through the LDS, and view it at a local Family History Center.  If you wish, you can email me and I will explain how to order the films for viewing at an LDS church near you.  Back in 1984, the LDS went to Ballinasloe and filmed most of the Catholic Church records for the Clonfert Diocese.  Loughrea is on 2 reels (the last part of one reel, and continues onto the first part of the second reel.)


    You can contact St. Brendan's parish office, and they can explain what records they have, and their process for researching and/or copying.  Their email and their phone number is (091) 841212.


    Thank you,



    Monday 14th May 2012, 01:02PM
  • I find your family information interesting! My Lallys confuse me. Martin Lally b.c.1828, m. Mary Fallon b.c.1830, first child b. 1855 in Massachusetts, USA. Although Martin's death certificate says he was born in King's County (County Offally) they immigrated about the same time to Massachusetts as the family the daughters married into, and that family (Halls) came from Loughrea/Killeenadeema where I saw Lallys were also living.

    Martin Lally's parents were Martin and Margaret Lally and Mary's parents were John and Mary Fallon (no dates). Martin and Mary Fallon Lally named their US-born children Mary, Margaret, Michael, Bridget, Katherine and Anna.

    I can't help but wonder if my Martin Lally's birthplace is a mistake. I hope you make headway in reconstructing your (our?) family....

    Cheers, Sally Brandon


    Monday 14th May 2012, 01:32PM
  • My great grandmother Teresa Grealis from Loughrea was married to Thomas Hannon from Portumna on 16 Sep 1872 in Loughrea. According to the 1901 Irish census Teresa was born about 1856 in County Galway. I am looking for Teresa’s baptism and marriage records. I will be in Loughrea for the Week of Welcomes in late June 2012 sponsored by Ireland Reaching out and will be sure to visit the St. Brendan's parish office. I hope I can find these sacramental records. Michael AllenNew Mexico, USA 

    Michael Allen

    Tuesday 15th May 2012, 02:19AM
  • Michael, email me!  I live in Albuquerque and I can tell you several ways to research right here, to be prepared before your trip.  If you live near here, we can meet and I can show you the microfilm I've got on permanent loan through the LDS.

    This is VERY kewl!  If you've never been to Loughrea, it's GORGIOUS!  I absolutely love that town!

    If anyone is interested, the microfilms available through the LDS are 95% exactly what the parish office holds.  The films are pictures of the original record books.  I was able to copy almost 300 pages of records during 2008, while researching my ancestors of the Sweeney family.  Every time I saw a last name "Sweeney", I copied the page, then when I got home, I put all my copies into piles, sorted by families.  One of the several pages missing from the microfilm, was the baptism of my great grandmother.  2 or 3 years just weren't there on the film, but I was able to go to the parish office, and within minutes, the volunteers went right to her in their binders, and copied the page for me.  Several years of marriage records are also missing on the microfilm, but the parish office has them.

    That was how I was able to figure out how each family branch was connected.  All the living Sweeney's knew we were related, but didn't know exactly how--- so I organized a Sweeney Family reunion in June 2009, in Loughrea at the Hotel/Spa.  Over 100 Sweeney's came--- about 20 came from the USA.  We had a blast!  While the rest of the family went off touring, I stayed in Loughrea, for 2 weeks, and enjoyed roaming around, speaking to everyone, and learning the area.

    (My offer of how to order these films, no matter where you live, is open for anyone interested.)


    Let me know if you'd like to get together Michael.  My email is:


    ps: Ripley, if you would let me know the birth dates for your family that went to Australia, I will try to make a point of looking for the Lally's these next couple of weeks, and I will let you know if I've found anything pertinent.

    pss: Sally, while the older records (early 1800's) are very difficult to read, I will snoop for your Michael.  The early records were written in very small handwriting, and the priest didn't leave much space between each entry.  Also, since those pages are 200 years old, it's a little hard to read them sometimes.  But, you can make out last names-- it just takes a little bit of staring!



    Tuesday 15th May 2012, 05:13AM
  • Thank-you very much for your help and suggestions.

    Unfortunately, I don't have any exact dates for my Lallys - only approximate years.

    Mary Ann approx 1833, Margaret approx 1835 and John approx 1839.  I am sure there must have been others (Martin?  Eliza?  after the parents) but have nothing to base this on.  It would be just wonderful Mary if you were able to find anything at all.


    Loughrea sounds wonderful and, I too, am probably going to stay at the Spa - but probably only for a couple of days.


    Thanks again for the help!


    Tuesday 15th May 2012, 08:14AM
  • Reply to Mary,

    Yes our connections both here in New Mexico and in Lougrea, Ireland are very coool! The witnesses to the marriage of my great grandparents Thomas Hannon and Teresa Grealis in Loughrea on 16 Sep 1872 were John Sweeney and Mary Hanberry. Could John Sweeney be a one of your ancestors?

    I contacted St Brendan Church in Loughrea and they located the marriage record for Teresa and Thomas. Unfortunately, they couldn't find the baptismal record for Teresa who was living in Loughrea at the time of her marriage.
    Bernadette Kelly at St Brendan's referred me to the Woodford Heritage Centre that holds records for County Galway. Their email address is and their telephone number is 0909794309. I've made contact with the Centre since both Teresa and Thomas were born County Galway and am awaiting their answer.

    I am a full time RV traveler and am staying at The Ranch in Lakewood, NM. My wife Pat and I lived near Moriarty, NM  for 11 years, only 45 miles from Albuquerque, but left there in 2008. I have used the LDS Family History Center on Haines Avenue in Albuquerque where I found many of my Hannon/Grealis relatives, including my grandmother Mary Hannon, who lived in Portumna, Ireland.  Portumna is about 20 miles from Loughrea. The Portumna records are also on permanent loan at the LDS in Albuquerque. 

    Mike Allen

    Michael Allen

    Wednesday 16th May 2012, 02:08AM
  • Hello Ripley

    I too have been looking for my gggrandmother Mary Dooley and have recently found her in the Mt Bellew Workhouse 1852, an orphan, daughter of Edward Dooley, occupation whitesmith, last residing place, Clonbrock. Mary's passage to Western Australia was assisted by the trustees of the Workhouse late 1852.  It was rumoured that our Mary had 9 brothers whom emigrated to the US.

    In the search to connect all the pieces of the puzzle, we recently found several NY Bank Records, which mention the names Lally with a connection to the Dooley family.  I wonder if these are of any help to you.

     1.  Edward Dooley, Gold Refiner, from Lurgan, Co Galway, Ireland, born 1834, arrived on the Samuel Hicks November 1847, son of Edward Dooley and Honoria Lally (both dec); 3 brothers James Jno, Pat and Michael. Further down is another account which belongs to Malachy Lally (they could have gone together) from Ahascragh, Galway. Parents Peter Lally and Elizabeth Geraghty. Lived near Edward Dooley in Broadway,  New York. 

    2.   Another bank record of a Patrick Dooley b 1837, occupation Brass Finisher, from Co Galway, arrived per ‘Cambridge, father Edward and Mary/Margaret Lally.

    Kind regards, Kerryn


    Wednesday 16th May 2012, 02:20AM
  • My 2x great grandfather was John Lally.

    From the research my daughter & I have completed, John came out to Australia on the Annie Wilson on 14 December 1859.  Married in 1868 and died 1884.

    It's possible that my 2x great grandfather John Lally & the John Lally you have mentioned are the same person.

    Kind Regards,



    Friday 8th Jun 2012, 04:13AM
  • Hi Belinda,

    Yes you are absolutely right.  'Your' John Lally was my 2x great grandmother's brother.  He married Bridget Clarke and they had 7 children. 

    I would love to hear more from you and for us to be able to share what we know.  I will try the 'e-mail' button and see if that enables me to contcat you personally with my e-mail address.

    Kind Regards,




    Monday 11th Jun 2012, 11:40PM
  • for ripley, et al,


    i have just discovered these posts, your first one having been made in 2012.

    am wondering if you have read "the leaving of loughrea, an irish family in the great famine" by....certainly one of your relatives, stephen lally. it was published in 2013 and you have no doubt read it since the first posting.

    he has a whole chapter on your great grandmother and her sister and surely you know about it. but, just in case you do not....wanted to tell you and to recommend the book!


    Sunday 29th Sep 2013, 12:02PM
  • for ripley, et al,


    i have just discovered these posts, your first one having been made in 2012.

    am wondering if you have read "the leaving of loughrea, an irish family in the great famine" by....certainly one of your relatives, stephen lally. it was published in 2013 and you have no doubt read it since the first posting.

    he has a whole chapter on your great grandmother and her sister and surely you know about it. but, just in case you do not....wanted to tell you and to recommend the book!


    Sunday 29th Sep 2013, 12:03PM
  • Thanks egan2012 for your message.  Yes, I have met with Stephen Lally and have a copy of his book.  Much of the information in that chapter was provided by me - and I am very pleased that Stephen was able to include it. I would strongly recommend it to any other 'Lally' researchers.

    Thanks again for your interest and willingness to help.


    Monday 30th Sep 2013, 04:21AM

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